Tomato relish receipe please.

bandz2, Mar 13, 11:38pm
Loads of tomatoes so would like an easy receipe for relish or any other suggestions.

ddd10, Mar 13, 11:40pm
Take some relish and add it to tomatoes.


jessie981, Mar 14, 12:46am
Tomato Relish (Aunt Daisy)
2lb tomatoes
4 large onions
1pt vinegar
2c sugar
1TBSP curry powder
1&1/2tsp mustard
20 sm chillies
2TBSP flour
Cut up onions & tomatoes in slices, sprinkle with salt & leave overnight. Drain the next day. Boil onions & tomatoes in vinegar 10 mins, add sugar & chillies then other ingredients mixed to a paste with a little cold vinegar. Boil 1&1/2 hours Bottle while hot.

zoan, Mar 14, 12:50am
The salt must be plain salt or the relish will go off.

jessie981, Mar 14, 1:32am
thanx zoan, I didn't know that piece of useful info.

korbo, Mar 14, 3:51am
I would be careful with chillies, as they can make relish very hot.
The recipe in the edmonds book is really good, and my mum made that for 20 odd years. so easy,

bandz2, Mar 14, 10:03pm
Thank you for your suggestions.

buzzy110, Mar 14, 10:05pm
Relish is supposed to be spicy and hot though isn't it? Chutney is relish without the hot spices, or at least so much of them.

winnie231, Mar 14, 10:09pm
Lots more recipes here: php? f=26&t=567

canbenaughty, Nov 1, 5:59pm
the recipe jessie put up there is easy to make and fantastic ive just made 7 jars for the 1st time (double recipe)

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