Tomato Relish Question....

toiller, Mar 15, 5:02am
I have made some Tomato Relish today using the Edmonds Cook Book. How thick should the relish be? It lookspretty runny to me.

maggie62, Mar 15, 5:55am
It will thicken up once cold, have you put a thickening in it , before you took it of the stove

toiller, Mar 15, 6:03am
Yes I did, I followed the recipe exactly.

lythande1, Mar 15, 8:27pm
IT doesn't thicken when cold. Try the plate method like you do with jam, that will tell you.
Either boil it some more to reduce or add a bit of cornflour mixture.

neil_di, Mar 15, 10:27pm
I made relish yesterday(Edmonds) and it was fairly runny when I put it into jars . Fear not. . it will thicken as it cools unless it was like water.

megane, Apr 11, 12:09pm
Remember to leave the lid off the pot when simmering. The same as you would when making jam.