Easy vege burger, what to add

sossie1, Apr 4, 2:45am
So, last night made a super easy vege burger, one can of chick peas, one grated carrot, plus spices, garlic, egg, bit of flour and seasoning.
While quite nice, it needs something extra.
Thinking of whizzing up some sunflower seeds to add.
What else could I add that won't break the bank, not onion as I sauteed some red onion to put on the burger

pamellie, Apr 4, 3:13am
Sweet chilli sauce? Or if you are wanting to fill them out some potato, kumara or pumpkin chunks or mash.

sossie1, Apr 4, 3:14am
Thanks, pumpkin would be great, also trying to add some texture which is why I thought of sunflower seeds

frances1266, Apr 4, 6:06am
Sunflower seeds are good if ground up first, so are rolled oats are good for texture. Will firm a mixture up if it is too sloppy.

nauru, Apr 4, 6:50am
Chopped mushrooms are a good addition as they have a meaty texture, also puy lentils make a good burger too. Also Aborio rice gives a good texture to burgers as do rolled oats. I have a vegan recipe which I make and it makes a really nice burger if you like tofu.

helenandjohn, Apr 4, 7:00am
I've made burger patties with black beans, cooked brown rice, onion, raw carrot, tandoori paste and tiny bit of tomato sauce - throw it all in the kitchen whizz. Yummo!

patxyz, Apr 5, 8:05am
+1 for the mushrooms

buzzy110, Apr 5, 9:06pm

Finely chopped capsicum and fresh ginger.

If you are feeling very creative - chopped, boiled and squeezed dry silver beet, chopped finely again.

How about grated courgette?

I don't see the point of adding more stodge - (potato, kumara,rice) to a patty that is going into a burger bun.

buzzy110, Apr 5, 9:25pm
Blow. I also forgot to mention toasted and ground in a mortar and pestle cumin seeds. I always use cumin with chick peas and other "light coloured" pulses.

sossie1, Apr 5, 9:30pm
Thanks guys, lentil and mushrooms sound great,

sifty, Oct 7, 3:52pm
Bacon, sausage, salami.

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