Lamb shanks

greenforde, May 14, 11:49pm
Is there a ready sauce to add to the crock pot.

rainrain1, May 15, 2:32am
Probably some dry packet mix you can buy. I browned the shanks, then sautéed some onions, then put bones on top of onions. I put two in Crockpot this morning. Added a mix of 1 cup red wine, 1/2 cup water, 1 pkt of ox-tail soup mix. Sprinkled on a few dried herbs, and a bit of salt. turned her on high about 9.30, and have just now turned it down to low. They smell good :-)

jobb, May 15, 5:43am
Coke with herbs and spices. Really good with ribs and pork (pulled pork)

survivalkiwi, May 15, 5:55am
Watties garlic pasta sauce is my life saver when i cant be naffed

cleggyboy, May 15, 6:22am
This one is really nice Lamb ragout, can get it in the SM's.

bella95, May 15, 9:03am
My ex used to make fantastic shanks with a packet of mushroom soup, some garlic and a generous glug of red wine. Used to cook them in tinfoil parcels in the oven but pretty sure it could be adapted for the slow cooker.

vashti, Sep 22, 7:02pm
Oh my goodness have you all robbed banks, the price of them now.
It doesn’t seem that long ago the butcher would just about throw them at you he couldn’t get rid of them.
So delicious.

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