Electric meat mincer?

mindi1, Apr 23, 3:08am
I am shopping around for a food processor and am wondering if I could use one to shred cooked meat (such as beef and lamb) for cottage or shepherd's pie.
Also, am I correct to think that I should be looking at 1000w or over for a robust processor?

lilyfield, Apr 23, 3:30am
Yes ,at least 1000watt

lythande1, Apr 24, 12:54am
I have one. If there is sinew - not gristle, it can tangle. If that happens, take the disc out and remove the stringy bits.
No sinew, works brilliantly. Best to have it very cold, and don't try to jam big bits through at a time, 1kg or 2kg at most.

buzzy110, Apr 24, 5:27am
I haven't tried this myself but I was going through You Tube the other day looking at One Pot videos and a lady there just used her hand held electric cake mixer with the creaming beaters to shred cooked meat. Worked a treat and I was amazed. You learn something new every day. I think it works best if the meat is still warm though.

illusion_, Jul 31, 9:52pm
have a similar attachment for my Kenwood mixer. Works very well. I use it very little. Am I happy I got it? Yes. Would I have considered a separate appliance. NO. (would have stuck with an old hand mincer I had).

devonwrecked, Jul 31, 9:53pm
What are you planning to use it for? At that price, it would probably turn a bit of chuck steak into mince, but if you're thinking about making your own pet meat out of whole carcasses it will almost certainly choke. There's really no such thing as a cheap mincer.

devonwrecked, Jul 31, 9:54pm

blueviking, Jul 31, 10:30pm
Bought one a few years ago to make my own sausages. Can only use the large holed grate. Gets stuck with any grissle.

rats123, Jul 31, 11:56pm
Just want to make some mince for spaghetti bolognese, meatballs and burgers. Not looking at mincing an entire carcass or the likes. Maybe a kg at a time?

devonwrecked, Aug 1, 12:47am
It should handle that, but they are a nightmare to clean as the parts aren't stainless and you get meat stuck in all the small holes. For the amount of ffaff involved I'd be buying it from the butcher.

samanya, Aug 1, 1:46am
I bought a similar one (maybe not quite as high wattage ) to make sausages & the mincer part struggles at times but the sausage stuffer is great.

wildflower, Aug 1, 2:15am
I just do mince in my food processor, I do chicken and beef and haven't bought mince in years.

nauru, Aug 1, 5:41am
I find that a bamboo skewer cleans the mincer plates easily and then give a good brush in soapy water. I prefer making my own mince as I then I know exactly what goes into it.

beaker59, Aug 1, 6:43am
Opinion only because I have never had an electric one but I doubt a cheap electric one would be much good. If you do get it let us know I would be very interested in a review.

Personally I have a manual one which was less than half that price on trade me a basic number 5 cast iron one had it for 10 years and its great granted I am a burly bloke but I find it easy to do big batches of mince.

I use it mainly for venison and wild goat. For that its brilliant for a deer I cut every thing I can into steaks and mince the rest for meat balls and they are as good as the steaks. :)

Most I ever did in one go was 40 Kg of mince that's 2 deer.

paora-tm, Aug 1, 7:47am
Can only imagine sausage meat being made in a food processor.

rats123, Aug 1, 8:04am
Bro, where do you get your wild goat from? Shoot it? If so can I get some? :-)

beaker59, Aug 1, 8:21am
Haven't shot one for ages but will get back into it later this year hopefully. I'll tell you what else is good Minced rabbit ;) Minced rabbit and bacon rissoles now that's a treat.

rats123, Aug 3, 4:37am

wildflower, Jan 10, 4:57pm
I don't use sausage meat so I don't need to make that.

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