Meat from th 22,000 cows?

korbo, Apr 6, 9:32pm
Does anyone know (as I have missed this bit of news), what is going to happen to the 22,000 cows that have the disease.
My friend told me she heard, that once the cow is dead, the disease is not there, and all the meat will go to butchers or supermarket.
Not sure about eating it, as what could happen 5-20yrs down the line., Apr 6, 11:42pm
I doubt whether they would be allowed to sell meat for sale for human consumption?

beaker59, Apr 7, 12:57am
Why not the rest of the world does?

You forget we are one of the few countries that doesn't have the disease therefore most of the rest have the disease in their meat. So if you had a steak on a trip to Europe or Americas then you have eaten meat from an animal potentially highly likely to have the disease.

Its not a disease anything but a Bovine can get so its safe. The issue is around economic performance of our bovine herds either meat or dairy.

buzzy110, Apr 7, 4:21am
It is being processed for human consumption.It is entirely possible that we have already sold the meat from infected animals because we import beef from Australia and that is the point of origin for the disease.

kindajojo, Apr 8, 2:35am
Only two countries dont have it well one now Norway and NZ its not a problem for human consumption.
Most will go to hamburger mince

uli, Apr 11, 9:26am
It is a bit naive to think that "that once the cow is dead, the disease is not there".
Of course it is still there, but since humans will not contract that cattle disease it is perfectly safe to sell the meat for human consumption.
So just go online (as you do to access trademe) and do some research! Easily done!

harrislucinda, Apr 11, 9:16pm
google Bovine to see safe to eat the meat
as coughing and joint's and abortions are the main signs

uli, Oct 3, 6:04pm
In cows - not the humans that eat the meat!

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