Bread Recipe please

beagle12, Feb 11, 4:35am
Can someone please provide a decent hand made bread recipe? I found one on the web but it was blah. I would like something that gives me a silkly smooth dough when kneaded. Thanks

buzzy110, Feb 11, 9:45pm
Personally I would google Paul Hollywood bread recipes. I've made several of his dough recipes, among them croissants, and they have been the best I have ever tried.

p.s. I never buy bread and I don't have a bread maker. I make all our bread by hand.

beagle12, Feb 12, 4:14am
Awesome - thanks guys

daarhn, Feb 12, 4:21am
I found this youtube tutorial fascinating! Making sourdough bread including how to make your so simple starter bug.

nauru, Feb 14, 6:28am
I found a recipe for Simple Wholewheat bread which I made yesterday, link below. It's so easy to make and one of the best breads I've made, lovely flavour, great texture, not dry or crumbly and slices well. I followed the recipe except I cut the sugar by half and used surebake yeast. There's also a video to watch which is interesting.

beagle12, Feb 17, 5:30am
Thanks for all your input Guys. I have just made the most amazing loaf of bread (feeling incredibly domestic godess lol)

buzzy110, Feb 17, 6:25am
Congratulations beagle.

nauru, Oct 23, 11:46am
Sounds great beagle12, what type of bread did you make?. I've made that recipe I gave you above about 3 times this week, so easy. Yesterday I used ½ rye flour ½ wholemeal in it with an addition of linseed, turned out great. Definitely my "go to" recipe from now on as it seems to be variation friendly. I'm back to making all my own bread at the moment, not sure how long it will last though, probably until I'm time poor again.