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flier3, Dec 31, 7:22pm
Oh thank you, kaddiew - I must watch!

kaddiew, Dec 31, 7:27pm
The quiet British format would be great - but from the promo it looks a bit loud and chaotic!

strowan1, Jan 1, 4:11am
Thanks for that kaddiew, I was looking forward to it after seeing it mentioned in the TV Guide, then I saw a promo. Maggie and Matt good judges, some of the contestants look to have a great deal to say! Do very much hope it’s not catty personality based program.

marcs, Jan 1, 8:07am
Must be an old series as season 3 starts in Australia on the 18th of Jan.

kaddiew, Jan 1, 6:47pm
More than likely! We get pretty much nothing new on free TV over the summer hols here.

kaddiew, Jan 1, 6:48pm
Me too, but not getting my hopes up!

unknowndisorder, Jan 1, 7:41pm
Marcs, is it any good? Also Family Food Fights?

thanks Kaddie BTW, I thought I had set it up to tape, but realised it was FFF that was organised and not this programme.

kaddiew, Jan 1, 9:10pm
And. for a baking overload, don't forget Extreme Cake Makers on TV1 7pm tonight, conveniently just before Bake Off.

strowan1, Jan 2, 7:57am
Despite doubts, I enjoyed the first episode, some very talented bakers here.
Looking forward to next week. Did anyone else enjoy it as well? (Or not! )

unknowndisorder, Jan 2, 8:32am
Strowan, except for the helpers, yes, but I do like Matt and Maggie.

kaddiew, Jan 2, 9:42am
Same here. Matt and Maggie were good. The helpers were just silly and awkward.

lyndad59, Jan 2, 10:00am
Those 2 girls voices just plain put me off :(

marcs, Jan 2, 2:23pm
The bakeoff was good just like the one from the UK. I prefer to watch bakeoff and MKR. Do not like Masterchef.

kaddiew, Jan 2, 11:00pm
Yep, terrible. And as for their comedy skills. if they were trying to copy the UK presenters, they failed miserably. I did enjoy the baking and the judges, though, so will keep watching and hope those 2 girls tone it down.

unknowndisorder, Jan 3, 7:41am
Thank you. I couldn't remember if it was MC or MKR you didn't watch.

herself, Jan 4, 7:37am
Yes I quite enjoyed it. The contestants are an interesting bunch and I look forward to watching the series. just not the two "helpers", they were way too try hard for my tastes. For me, their attempts at humour failed, miserably.

kaddiew, Jan 9, 8:43pm
Those two helpers aren't getting any better. Loved the look of the cannoli.

is anyone watching the Family Food Fight? I've tried, but it's just too SHOUTY for me.

strowan1, Jan 9, 9:47pm
I was thinking it was just me! Oh my goodness, I felt quite exhausted by the end of it, seriously. were most of them ‘on’ something, Cor the Greek chap who could certainly fillet a fish was over controlling and the Muslim sisters blimmen heck just too much for me! I muted most of their performance, halfway hoping they’d be shown the door. and what happens they put on such a stellar performance they’re back next week WITH an advantage! That’s what I get for being nasty! lol
BUT. back to the topic (apologies for deviation!) good show last night, the helpers funnily don’t bother me like some other posters, did they tone it down a bit last night maybe? I thought the man wearing the bandanna would exit last night, but the woman who did leave was obviously ready. Yes Kaddiew have to agree, those cannoli did look delicious - I’ve never actually seen them other than on TV, are they available in other places around the country, in larger centres perhaps?

slimgym, Jan 10, 3:43pm
did anyone else think the older lady, that was a stone the crows Australian sorry not very good with names jumped, shamed that they said she was the worst baker and just said she had made a decision to leave

cgvl, Jan 10, 7:53pm
They said it was for family reasons, rather than baking etc. A lot going on at home didn't say much more than that. I gather that something happened during filming and she made the decision to leave. Apparently was in tears during last bake, and mentioned it then.

kaddiew, Jan 10, 9:41pm
That's what I thought, She wasn't judged off; it was an arrangement to leave for her own reasons.

unknowndisorder, Jan 11, 5:57am
There were a few things happening in her personal life that meant she was not coping with the competition. I thought she might leave but also that the dude with the bandana would be voted off, but only her went.

She commented to Maggie that she was just not coping because of the personal things. I don't think she was the weakest link.

Sadly, I am enjoying FFF, but admit to it being more background noise a lot of the time. The shouting drives me nuts, but am getting used to it just being loud Australians.

The Italian team was interesting as out of the four, only one can read English and last night they had an Anna recipe to follow.

STrowan, you do realise it is on three nights a week? (FFF) - so it has moved on from the Muslim sisters having an advantage. (That came into play on Tuesday).

Oh, back on topic again. I think the helpers were a bit quieter, but they are definitely still annoying and not funny :)

strowan1, Jan 11, 6:42am
Unknown - hi, re FFF have to admit to mild confusion last night (only mild mind you!)

unknowndisorder, Jan 11, 7:05am
Ah okay, they were off to the side as are up for elimination. Usual advantage ends up a disaster.

strowan1, Jan 15, 11:14pm
GABO on tonight and they’re doing CHOUX pastry, love

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