Lamb Shanks

johnnom1, Mar 21, 9:20am
Any clues, hints to cook lamb shanks until the meat is falling off the bones? Mum always slowly, slowly simmered them in the old meat dish before braising and adding carrots, celery, spuds etc. Every time I buy expensive shanks they never ever are as tender as Mum's. They were such a cheap meal then.

ferrit47, Mar 21, 10:03pm
Cook them in Oven on 180 Degrees for about an hour. Use water not oil as draws out the fat.
Mix up some gravy with Soya Sauce, Pepper & Salt & Flour adding cold water. Add abit of mint sauce over Lamb Shanks too.
Dont use Hot water as Gravy comes out lumpy.

pigletnz25, Mar 21, 10:21pm
I always do mine in the slow cooker/crockpot. Just summer them for several hours I add the oinons and carrots, but usually have mashed potatoes so do them separate. Then thicken at the end usually with cornflour. They always come out falling off the bone just lovely, especially on a cold winters night. Yummy.

ferrit47, Mar 21, 10:39pm
Hey Pigletnz25 how are you?
You used to be on the Total Hip Replacement Thread.
Hope you are well.
Still living over same area ?
Come join us sometime & update us.
Theres another thread called Seashore, Lundunc & Ferrit. Welcome there too. Like to hear all your news.

karlymouse, Mar 22, 1:40am
I think its best to cook them slow in the over, preferably standing up (Gordon Ramay tip) in a savoury sauce of your liking the day before you want them. Cool overnight and that gives you the chance to remove all the congealed fat in the sauce before reheating it and popping the stripped meat into it to warm through.

rainrain1, Mar 22, 8:45pm
Silly Gordon Ramsay . standing up indeed tsk tsk tsk

standing up for the last time. lie down to cook :-)))

cmw1983, Oct 12, 10:59am
We love Chelsea Winters’ recipe, very slightly adapted.
Instead of the wine and stock in the recipe, we use the same quantity of reconstituted low-sodium beef stock. This has becme a family favourite and a meal guests ask for when we invite them for dinner.

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