Awesome feijoa n date muffins

julmar, May 11, 1:57am
First time I have made muffins, make scones bickies etc all the time but never muffins. Don't know if it was beginners luck but they ruled! ! Here is the recipe:

2c self rasing flour
1/2 tsp mixed spice
1/2 c sugar
1 egg
100g melted butter
1 1/2 c feijoa mashed(1TBSP milk if dry)
1/2 c chopped dates.
seive flour in one bowl, add sugar to it. whisk egg, add feijoa, date, (milk if feijoa is dry), and melted butter . gently mix in to flour mix. bake in greased muffin tins.

barloo, May 11, 4:40am
add walnuts ! ! mmMmm sultanas if no dates is nice too! !

julmar, May 11, 4:49am
cheers, I am inspired now. Don't know why I have never made them before. They must have been ok cause the whole batch vanished lol

Might try some savory ones next.

firemansgirl, May 11, 5:16am
Are they quite light in texture, or are they weighty?

cookessentials, May 11, 8:31am
I love feijoas, still waiting for ours though-hopefully not too long.

griffo4, May 11, 8:45am
We have feijoas all over the ground and we have frozen so many and eaten heaps and given so many away so these muffins sound really nice l will try them
Thanks for sharing the recipe

cookessentials, May 11, 9:03am
Mine would have been ready in Auckland by March/April but down here with the temps, they mature later.

jag5, May 11, 8:26pm
cookessentials... do you have sheep in with your trees? The reason I ask is because ours were late this year, and we couldn't figure it out. Everyone was picking their feijoas and we had none.

Hubby moved the sheep to another paddock, and guess what... ... we now have bucket loads of feijoas LOL... little buggers were eating them. Just put two of them in the freezer last weekend, so hopefully they should taste good.

julmar, May 11, 9:34pm
Light and moist like a banana cake texture. They were devine. I added the extra milk because it is so dry here and the feijoa are a bit dry and hard. Think it has been such a dry season and that is why they are a bit late. Ours are usually full on and just melt in the mouth. I chopped mine up because you just would not really be able to mash them easily.
Might make more today

cookessentials, May 11, 9:53pm
No we dont jag5. I have noticed that the further South you are the later the ripening. I must go and check them to see how far away they are before the birds figure it out.

julmar, May 11, 11:56pm
whoop whoop. Second batch, savory this time.

2c sr flour, salt, pepper, 1 1/2c mixed cheese, onion, grated courgette, capsicum, spinach (nz native)tuscan seasoning, smoked paprika, egg, 2 TBSP milk. same method as above.

OMG these rule.

griffo4, May 12, 12:37am
l just made the feijoa and date muffins and they seemed a bit dry when l mixed it up and added more milk and baked them and they came out nice and then l went to the microwave and found the melted butter, slaps head, doh
Lucky no one seems to have noticed
Slinks off to check the cheese scones like masterchef's mum makes

crystalmoon, May 12, 1:25am
hahahaha I did that the other day when making louise cake, and thought I'm sure the base should be this dry, but carried on anyway, spread jam carefully over the base and then went to turn on combi oven before whisking the whites and there was my 2nd amount ofmelted butter. Tipped it over the jam and then continued, no one noticed anything, base came out fine.

crystalmoon, May 12, 1:25am
Have a batch of feijoa ones on now, Mmmmmmmm the smell from oven on a cold wet day is wonderfull.

susieq9, May 12, 3:26am
I work down the road grading feijoas, so get plenty. Can I replace the butter with oil? And if so how much? TIA

cautis, May 15, 1:30am

alebix, May 15, 2:16am
100g melted butter is just under half a cup of oil.

antoniab, May 15, 2:44am
Yum I just made these and they were amazing! and I dont even really like feijoas, but had been given some, great way to use them up - thanks!

griffo4, May 16, 6:47am
bumping a good recipe

eljayv, May 16, 9:38pm
These really are tasty I cooked them for between 15 - 20 mins and wasn't sure whether they should be at 180 or 200- still turned out lovely. So what temp and for how long are others cooking, also fan bake or not?

griffo4, May 16, 11:17pm
l cooked them at 180C

antoniab, May 17, 4:59am
I cooked them at 180 for about 15min

grannypam, May 11, 7:40pm
guess what i will be making tomorrow . . lol

his nibs wont eat feijoas so this will be a test. .

I can guarantee he'll eat these esp if he doesnt know what is in them. . lol

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