Lamb Shanks

johnnom1, Mar 21, 9:20am
Any clues, hints to cook lamb shanks until the meat is falling off the bones? Mum always slowly, slowly simmered them in the old meat dish before braising and adding carrots, celery, spuds etc. Every time I buy expensive shanks they never ever are as tender as Mum's. They were such a cheap meal then.

lythande1, Mar 21, 7:35pm
As you say, long and slow.
Braising is with liquid, in effect you are making a casserole. How long do you cook them for? That is probably the issue.

floydandu2, Mar 21, 7:58pm
Slow cooker, set to turn on at lunchtime. Add the veges when you get home from work.
Pressure cooker works well too, but that takes a little trial and error to get right.

smallwoods, Mar 21, 8:09pm
30-45 minutes in the pressure cooker then into what ever sauce you want for a quick simmer.

ferrit47, Mar 21, 9:47pm
I Fan bake them in oven for about an hour on about 180 Dont use Oil. Use Water as it draws the fat out of them. I make gravy too mixed up with Soya Sauce, Flour & pepper & salt. I use cold water as hot water makes its Lumpy.
Bit of mint sauce on Lambs Shanks too.

pussy01, Mar 22, 6:54am
i use water to, cover dish with tinfoil then fanbake on 110 for 2hrs then uncover and turn up to 180 for 30 mins. for mutton hocks same but fanbake 4hrs. then uncover and turn up

rainrain1, Mar 22, 8:37pm
Roast them for several hours. long and slow. don't time them, just check till they're almost falling off the bone. delicious every time! If you want to add a whole lot flavours, go for it, but I don't add a thing except a bit of oil or fat to roast them in.

ferrit47, Mar 22, 10:36pm
Dont add oil. Just use water as draws fat out.

rainrain1, Oct 12, 3:57pm
Yes, that too!

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