Marshmallow chocolate mousse

crails, Jan 3, 8:07pm
I made it with milk chocolate it was way too sweet. Texture was perfect. Next time I'll definitely use the dark chocolate

kiwitel, Jan 4, 12:20am
A bit different, but this recipe was amazing!

fifie, Dec 22, 9:06pm
Anyone made annabels Marshmallow Chocolate mousse? was it a success and set well. Im wanting to set it on a choc cheesecake base, decorate with marshmallows and choc xmas tree for the chocky loving kids.

skydancing, Dec 23, 8:22am
No but now I have read the recipe I am going to try it out. it looks amazing and very simple to make.

meme6, Dec 23, 8:36am
When putting crumbs up the side of a spring form tin when making cheesecake. Is it necessary to line the tin first. Thanks.

meme6, Dec 23, 8:45am
Opps sorry should have put this in a separate category.

fifie, Jan 16, 1:50am
Made it last night, i lined my tin with cling wrap to get it out easier, Tomorrow will lift out of tin hopefully with out it breaking, looks like its setting good this morning. im impressed.
Make sure you use good quality choc, used what annabel said.Made my tree decorations out of choc chips and they took way longer to set.

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