Converting dried to fresh herbs ~ how much?

hezwez, Dec 29, 1:30am
A teaspoon of dried herbs (sage/basil/tarragon/marjoram/-
thyme) would equate to how much fresh herb please?

hezwez, Dec 29, 2:05am
Thanks so much kaddiew. I've printed that out!

flier3, Dec 29, 9:03pm
I thank you too, kaddiew - very handy!

meoldchina, Dec 29, 10:30pm
Kaddiew, I thank you too. Very useful.

sarahb5, Dec 30, 6:49am
I always use 1 tsp of dried in place of 2 tsps of fresh - that list is good but I’d never remember it and it’s also American

bailey25, Nov 9, 4:47pm
Awesome thank you Kaddiew

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