Blackboy Peach Jam

may321, Mar 10, 1:06am
Has anyone made this.

kateley, Mar 10, 1:17am
yes. Equal weight fruit and sugar. Delicious

may321, Mar 10, 1:56am
thanks a lot.

may321, Mar 10, 1:57am
how long do you cook it for.

katalin2, Mar 10, 5:33am
add a good pinch of citric or tartaric acid to get a good set otherwise stays runny cos bb peaches have no pectin. Cook till you can run your fingers through a tbsp put on to a cold plate when cold and it doesn't run together.

tigger8, Mar 11, 5:30am
may321 , can I have some fruit stones please? Would like to grow some.

aisling8, Mar 11, 5:49am
Is that still pc these days. Maybe they are gender neutral peaches now

dibble35, Mar 11, 6:22am
LOL, very un PC name. Made worse when I was telling a man of a rather dark skin tone all the peach tree varieties we had for sale. I felt rather awful when I realised the name I was about to say.

samanya, Mar 11, 6:36am
I know what you mean . but when in Rome etc. call it by the local name.
Yeah, & we all know the the name denotes a peach that is delicious & highly sought after . wht else could we call them?
dark(doubtful for the extreme PCists) red?
I dunno, but interesting.

samanya, Mar 11, 6:39am
I got a recipe from this forum, a couple of years ago & it's fast become a favourite, even though I'm not a great jam eater . it's called "Rosie's jam" & it has rhubarb & black currants in it.
If you are interested I will post it for you. Works well with either fresh BB peaches or frozen.

ollie39, Oct 15, 5:56pm
Does anyone have blackboy peaches to give away please?

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