Strawberry jam. The best recipe you've used is.

kirmag, Jan 14, 6:12am
Have so many from the garden, gonna make some jam. Fresh n frozen (been storing them), what's your best recipe please? TIA

valentino, Jan 15, 7:28pm
Strawberry Jams are can be a bit trickier than other jams re setting, best to keep liquids to it's minimum as much as you can.

Use the frozen ones first by allowing then to thaw first, they will give your required liquids then add sufficient sugar (usually) about 3/4 of similar weight being the minimum amount up to about 1.2 kilo per kilo of fruit and juice, once this has started then add the fresh softer strawberries with add similar weight in Castor Sugar, (castor sugar dissolves quicker when adding to an already dissolved sugar), check for sweetness taste wise and continue to pulp all and simmer for at least 30 minutes, try the setting test etc.

If it does not set then perhaps add some setting agent which can be obtained from Supermarkets or Grocery Stores.

The setting test is when you add a few drops of jam into some cold water briefly then drain the water and check the jam or a few drops of jam into a small container then into the fridge or the top of freezer to cool quickly but not to freeze then check if setting by holding it upside down and if runny will slide of quickly or if setting the jam will stick a little and be firmer which is what you looking for.

Hopes this Helps.

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valentino, Jan 15, 7:43pm
The jars for jams.

I use kept empty jars and their lids from whatever I buy, wash them and sterilize them.

To prepare for the jams, place the clean jars into an oven, close the door, turn the oven to say about 175 - 180C and leave for 30 minutes then switch oven off just prior to being used. The lids are already washed and sterilized in a cold sterilized solution similar to what I use for brewing beer.

Now when ready to pour hot jam into hot jars, simply take out of oven 2 or 3 jars and immediately start pouring jam directly into the centre or middle of each jar, when virtually full, place the lid on each and turn the to seal.

Place onto a clean tea-towel to cool and continue with the others.

After they are all done and allowed to cool, you will hear or should hear popping sounds of the lids, this lets you know that these have sealed properly and will be very safe to store for a good period of time.

Also when cooled, wipe each jar with a damp cloth, allow to dry then label each one of it's type and the date. Then store them.
All completed.

Cheers and just a little extra to the above.

lythande1, Jan 15, 9:13pm
All I do is weigh the fruit. Then 2/3 of that weight in sugar.
Add juice of 1 lemon, (or 2 if a lot) and boil the hell out of it.
Doesn't take long really, less than an hour.
Test by putting a bit on a saucer and waiting. If it runs boil some more.
Thats it. No special ingredients needed.

whitehead., Jan 16, 4:38am
add an apple to strawberrys skin and all and your jam will set

korban, Jan 16, 5:03am
I store all my jams in the freezer in an ice cream container. It does not set really hard, so,you can scoop out as much as you need at a time.

valentino, Jan 16, 7:30am
I love sorbets. especially plums or chocolate, must try strawberry though and as you noted, just scoop what you want.

kirmag, Jan 25, 7:52pm

I ended up using this recipe and it is yum! Turned out well, if I do say so myself.

crazynana, Jan 27, 11:55pm
I just use equal sugar/fruit. I find that the Jam Sugar is better than the regular or caster sugars. Just bring to the boil and add lemon juice when test sets on a cold saucer.

uli, Jan 28, 3:23am
500g strawberries
500g rhubarb
1kg of sugar

Boil until set

wheelz, Jan 28, 8:50am
Yes. I like the jam sugar too, and has a few benefits worth noting. Less chance of catching, quicker and a much brighter coloured jam as it doesn't require an age to boil! Plus a guaranteed set.

punkinthefirst, Oct 30, 4:42pm
A really easy strawberry jam from the Rally Cook Book. makes a lovely, fresh tasting jam that sets well.

2 Kg strawberries
3 Kg sugar
1 dessertspoon of tartaric acid powder
Mash a few of the strawberries in the bottom of the jam pan, then add the rest and cook gently without sugar. Remove from the stove, add the sugar then stir over gentle heat until it dissolves. Bring to a fast boil and boil for 5 minutes only. Remove from the heat again, stir in the tartaric acid powder, then boil 5 more minutes. Bottle and cover.

This is the best strawberry jam I've ever made, and is really fast and easy.