jude164, Jan 1, 3:54am
Has anyone got a recipe that will make creamy feta, the one I have recently made was very firm and a bit rubbery.

valentino, Jan 1, 9:02pm
The one I use. I generally do 6 litre batches hence slightly less but only just a wee bit.

Bring 10 litres milk to 32C.
Add 1/8tsp Culture 03 or R704, Culture for soft cheeses that is directly added type.
Add (1/4 tsp Lipase to 50 mil cooled boiled water) and mix into the milk well.
Add Rennet (1.3 mil to 13mil cooled boiled water.
Stir all for at least a minute or no more than 3 minutes.
Maintain Heat setting, I usually leave pot on the Hot Element but turned off.
Allow milk to set about 60 to 90 minutes.
Cut the milk curd into one CM cubes, let stand for 15 minutes.
Stir the curds very gently then after an hour stir again then repeated again after another hour.
Drain the Whey and pour curds into a perforated hoop/s on a cheesecloth lined draining tray, (I use a wooden box with a wooden lid that slides within).
Place a light weight like a litre of water on top and let stand overnight.
Or invert hoops every 2 hours then leave to stand overnight.
Next morning, remove cheese from hoop/s, place into a container and cover with a brine 12 to 15 %, container just slightly bigger than the cheese to avoid over salting.

Cheers and all the best.

jude164, Jan 2, 5:02am
Hi thanks for that, where do you get your culture and lipase from?

davidt4, Jan 2, 6:23am
I buy cultures and lipase from Mad Millie, either on line or from Stevens.

I make a creamy feta without adding lipase, let me know if you would like the recipe.