Good Vegetarian recipes with no tomato in please

homeschoolmum, Oct 19, 7:41pm
Does anyone have any vegetarian recipes that have NO tomatoes in them please? I really would like to have more meatless meals but so many vegetarian recipes seem to be based around tomatoes and one of my children and I are allergic to them. Thanks to anyone who has any to share.

huggy5, Oct 19, 7:53pm
This is my favourite vegetarian dish, but it has pastry so if you were trying to eat healthily it's not ideal. Its' a mushroom wellington, a whole mushroom with blue cheese and spinach in little pastry parcels.

homeschoolmum, Oct 19, 8:19pm
Yum. that looks nice thank you. I would have to use some other cheese if my lot will eat it but I am sure it would be nice anyway.

crazynana, Oct 19, 11:04pm
I have an Alison Holst recipe book Meals without Meat. It is fairly old but I am sure you can still get it. It has all sorts in it from Starters to Desserts.

lythande1, Oct 20, 3:05am
Be careful with the kids. Iron and B12 deficiency can take ages to show symptoms, and ages to cure once it does. there are 2 irons, one you only get from meat.

How about root vege souffle?
Any root veges, swede, parsnip, kumara, swede, potato, and pumpkin. potato on it;'s own is a bit bland.
Boil up a small pot full, mash, then add 2 egg yolks, a handful of grated cheese and mix well.
Whip the egg whites and fold in, then put in a greased dish and bake till golden.

You can jazz it up a bit more with some chopped sauteed onion and such, or herbs as well.

homeschoolmum, Oct 20, 5:11am
Thanks ladies. we are not going vegetarian I just want a few more veg meals.

samanya, Oct 20, 6:49am
Why not buy the book I linked to . you can always add a bit of chicken or mince or other meat to the recipes, if you want to . like make a small amount of meat stretch for your family . up to you, really.

frances1266, Oct 21, 3:07am
An Alfredo sauce made with cashews is really quick and yummy and tomato free, serve on pasta. Curries are good, chickpea with coconut cream is good. Basil pesto on pasta good also. Satay sauce with noodles and veg, stir fry veg with tofu and fried rice, Sweet and sour sauce with veg, tofu, noodles etc.

awoftam, Oct 21, 4:31am
I use this site a bit when I want some inspiration; hundreds of recipes for you to try; many many many without tomato :-)

homeschoolmum, Dec 13, 9:01am
Thanks for the site above . I have discovered my Mum has the vegetarian cook book that was linked to so I now have it. Now to try some new meals a couple times a week.