Can I subsitute flour for gluten-free baking mix?

wasala, May 10, 8:38am
There's a great gluten-free slice recipe in this week's NZWW but I want to make it the normal way as I don't have a gluten allergy. It says 1. 5 cups gluten free baking mix. If I just use flour will it work or does the mix have baking powder in it too?

caro25, May 10, 9:44am
i would use 1 and a half ts baking powder with normal flour hope this helps

wasala, May 10, 9:54am
Thank you. I'll give it a go!

angie461, May 10, 6:42pm
Any chance of the recipe?

griffo4, May 10, 10:30pm
l saw that recipe to wasala and l was thinking of using the same amount of self raising flour and then mix and see what it looked like
l hope someone on here can let us know if the gluten free mix is more absorbent than flour?

Wasala l hope you don't mind me typing out the recipe

The recipe is

Gluten free chocolate caramel squares
150g butter
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1 egg yolk
1 1/2 cups gluten free baking mix
1/2 cup cocoa

395g sweetened condensed milk
100g butter
1/2 cup golden syrup

Preheat oven to 180C

Beat butter and sugar until pale and creamy
Add vanilla, egg yolk, gluten free baking mix and cocoa, mix well
Press mix into a slice pan approx 28cm x 18cm reserving 1/3 of the mixture
Refrigerate the base until required

Place the condensed milk, butter and golden syrup in a small pot stirring over a gentle heat untill butter is melted and mix is smooth
Allow to cool

Spread cooled caramel over chocolate base and crumble reserved base mix over the top
Bake 25-30 minutes until caramel is rich and goldent and base is firm
Cool then cut into bars

caro25, May 11, 2:34am
i alway cut back on normal flour a little if replacing glutin mix if this helps

wasala, May 11, 8:33am
Super, thanks, you saved me typing it out! I just made it and having taken advice from a baking expert today I used ordinary flour and left out the egg yolk. Apparently you need this in the gluten-free version because the baking mix is dry. I haven't cut mine yet but it looks mighty fine!

griffo4, May 11, 8:43am
Wasala l just put mine in the oven and l followed the recipe totally and used the 1 1/2 cups flour and the egg yolk and the mix seemed dry and l have just come in here and l see caro25 saying to cut back a bit on the flour and l think l might next time as it seemed really crumbly l will cut it tomorrow and report back and l will be interested in how yours turned out
Did you put in baking powder with the plain flour l used self raising?

caro25, May 11, 10:23am
when i always bake i alway put less in cause i can add more rather then take take it out if you get what i meani have never used the baking mix i find the simple glutin free flour better and i add baking powder when useing the glutin free flour i find that you need to use the right amount as a little more can change the hole thing

wasala, May 11, 10:46am
OK, now I've cut it it is quite crumbly and I have to say it didn't make a lot either given all those expensive ingredients. It is very yummy though!

griffo4, May 11, 8:16pm
Mine is crumbly as well but tastes great so l may put the whole egg in next time and l will follow caro25's idea and add less flour and go from there

redfire5, Apr 23, 3:09am
thanks for the recipe and comments, I am going to make it for DD but will twik it a little so its not so crumbly

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