How do I bake half a ham?

uli, Nov 21, 4:41am
Ummm - that makes it all crystal clear .

robyn35, Nov 21, 5:06am
ok novice here, if you glaze and heat your ham, does it then last the same in the fridge or does it need to be eaten quicker?

mrsvonflik, Nov 21, 5:51am
A friend uses cocoa cola and brown sugar on pineapple n cherries

sarahb5, Nov 21, 8:30am
I use ginger marmalade and orange juice with some mixed spice for colour

rainrain1, Nov 22, 12:52am
3/4 cup Bit on the Side Spiced Apricot Sauce
2 Tblsp whole cloves. stick these in the ham
1/4 cup sherry
2 Tblsp wholegrain mustard

samanya, Dec 5, 6:45am
Is it raw, or are you wanting a glaze?

bardwell, Dec 5, 7:08am
Just going to buy half a prepacked one at supermarket. think they are cooked! New to this caper lol

samanya, Dec 5, 7:19am
It will be cooked so Google ham glazes, if you want to add flavour, can be served warm or cold.
Someone will be sure to come in & offer better advice than I can.
Good luck.

awoftam, Dec 5, 7:19am
Have you googled? This will tell you time and weight and also suggest some glazes.

fifie, Dec 5, 9:18pm
A new world leaflet you get at counter this week has some ideas in it for glazing hams. Cider and orange marmalade, apricot and mustard, spiced citrus, or maple, are what they suggest.

cgvl, Dec 5, 9:31pm
bardwell: Cooking a Ham. you take the skin but not the fat off. Score the fat in diagonally then you can do several different things.
Place tin foil or a good layer of baking paper extending up the sides of your dish and pop the ham onto this, the pour the glaze over. You will need to baste ham from time to time to keep it moist.
My preference is to glaze it with the following mixture: 2/3rds cup marmalade warmed and sieved, 1/3rd cup djion mustard, 250mls sherry or orange juice or pineapple juice. Mix well and pour over Ham. You can use any type of marmalade or Apricot jam and I use a grainy mustard but again any sort will do. The alcohol burns off while cooking but leaves a nice taste.
If you like you can decorate with pineapple rings and a cherry also.
Cook time will depend on size of ham.

davidt4, Dec 5, 10:04pm
Something that tripped me over when preparing a ham once is that when you take the skin off you need to pull it off rather than slicing it off. When you pull it off it leaves a rough surface that holds the glaze. If you slice it off you are left with a smooth surface and all the glazes slides off.

The simplest glaze I know is a mixture of marmalade, Dijon mustard and Bourbon. Say 1 c marmalade (not too chunky), 2 tab Dijon mustard, 1 tab Bourbon or enough to form a thick syrup.

I bake a cooked ham for longer than most instructions. I give it about 90 minutes at 180 C, which gives a firmer and more flavourful result.

wheelz, Dec 6, 2:10am
Oh thanks, re ripping skin off, davidt4 . makes sense, I sliced last time and wondered why the glaze just ended up in the pan.

biggles45, Dec 6, 2:26am
The skin comes off very easily if you put a coupe of fingers under it and run them along over the fat.

ferrit47, Dec 9, 12:25am
Cut it in half & cook it

valentino, Dec 9, 6:37am
Whether it is a half or whole, just do it.

An excellent video for you to view from a well known chef.


glasshalfull, Dec 9, 10:06am
Take skin off, score and place pineapple rings , glazed cherry in the middle
Push in some whole cloves. Add the pineapple juice to your glaze, cinnamon etc. Bake as mentioned above.

gabbysnana, Nov 25, 3:19am
So you want cooked ham rather than cooked ham?

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