Chai tea latte Or Chai tea spice

moparpete, Apr 25, 5:12am
Which one do you all prefer drinking?

lythande1, Apr 25, 6:16am
Neither. Awful. Prefer plain black tea

samanya, Apr 25, 6:26am
I only have cafe chai lattes & not that often.
Are you meaning ones made at home?

moparpete, Apr 25, 7:05am
Saw some recipes of making Chai Latte in home ,seems to me they are like Chai spice tea with frothy milk on top. Looks delecious and think it is quite nice and warming in winter.

samanya, Apr 25, 7:06am
How about you post the recipes?

moparpete, Apr 25, 8:17am

norse_westie, Apr 25, 8:36am
I love both, preferably made from scratch. Some of my Indian friends make the genuine thing for me and its divine.

marcs, Apr 25, 10:47am
I make proper chai's at home. This chai latte craps tastes like Sh&*t and would never buy it from a cafe.

norse_westie, Apr 25, 6:56pm
I have to agree in part. I sometimes just crave those delicious spices and will cave in and buy one. But its a sugar filled syrup with spice flavour and doesn't come close to the real thing. Sometimes though, needs must.

samanya, Apr 26, 12:42am
OK, care to share your non Sh&*t tasting chai?
It would be helpful for those of who are not tea connoisseurs.
I've never been a tea drinker so this is all rather new to me.

korbo, Apr 26, 7:31am
I prefer the sachets in the pink box of Spicy Chai. havent got a box, so dont remember the name. They give me a lift, and I have one, about 4.30pm

taniajane, Apr 26, 9:46pm
I make my own. couple of cardamon pods, star anise, stick of cinnamon a teaspoon of a classic orange pekoe tea and slices of fresh ginger. infuse.

sarahb5, Apr 26, 9:50pm
There is a cafe in New Plymouth that makes really spicy chai latte that isn't too sweet - really warms you up on a cold day. Otherwise I prefer the chai teabags (probably Red Seal) without added milk or sugar.

korbo, May 9, 12:33am
I think it is Greggs. Countdown select used to make the best, but not on shelves anymore.

sarahb5, May 10, 12:30am
Since reading this thread I have rediscovered my love for chai and started using T Leaf loose tea in a teapot with an infuser ($3 from the Hospice Shop) - its deliciously spicy and makes a nice change from coffee. I add a little milk. They produce 4 varieties - chai, masala chai (which I thought was the same thing), emerald chai (which I haven't tried but is made with green tea) and rd baron (or rooibos) chai. I also have a Christmas tea blend in the pantry which smells the same and seems to have almost the same ingredients.

moparpete, May 10, 4:19am
Yes, I used also leaf tea in a teapot and added just a litttle bit of crushed cardamom and wee bit of ginger .It's very nice and soothing in a cold winter nights.

cori, May 12, 8:29am
Gave this recipe a try, and its very simple and yummy

sarahb5, May 12, 8:48am
Is it very sweet?

cori, May 12, 9:57am
I didn't find it too sweet ( and I don't have sugar in tea/coffee or drink sweet drinks). But what I think isn't sweet might not be what somebody else thinks. The only thing that makes it sweet is the maple syrup, so you can add less or more for personal tastes

gr8stuf4me, May 13, 2:27am
Just a quick note that some of the chai you buy in the supermarkets is actually coffee and not tea they have just messed around with it because its a trendy thing and sells. Im a chai lover but not with coffee in it instead, reading the labels can be enlightening. I dont buy supermarket because I just dont enjoy it but thats just my two cents worth. Have yet to discover a recipe I love so am reading with great interest.

gr8stuf4me, May 13, 2:32am

If it's the ones in the purple box korbo, it is indeed coffee and explains why it gives you a lift, not saying its good or bad, each to his or her own I say.

fxx99, Sep 20, 9:40pm
Chai masala mix from Indian spice shops is great. Half a teaspoon with my teabag tastes great. Get it from Moshims here in Wellington. Everest brand.