HELP Mixed spice in soup.. need help to deflavour?

tipsy_bl0nde, Jul 2, 3:16am
hi guys making my chicken and vegetable soup... as i was adding my small sprink of mixed spice the lid gave way and now i have a very sweet soup. trying to think of ways i can change the flavor back to normal lol. very frustrated as ive been craving soup all week.


tipsy_bl0nde, Jul 2, 3:17am
it is not tooo bad i managed to get a quite a bit out but trying to hide the taste

tipsy_bl0nde, Jul 2, 3:47am
bump incase someone knows

alebix, Jul 2, 3:50am
Were you meant to use Allspice?

Try adding something like chilli or salt, I know adding potato absorbs salt, maybe it will work with sweet stuff too. .

tipsy_bl0nde, Jul 2, 3:53am
nope just a small sprinkle of mixed spice but some cheeky monkey i think my daughter unscrewed the lid. normally tastes fantastic but not this time :'(

noonesgirl, Sep 23, 8:05pm
Maybe a tsp of curry powder?

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