Icing for cupcakes?

sue62, Aug 5, 6:07am
What is the secret/recipe for the delicious icing that is used for the cupcakes bought from the supermarket?
It is really thick and very "yum".
Thank you

geldof, Aug 5, 7:10am
a ton of trans fats.

paora-tm, Aug 5, 7:31am
I used to think, "Cupcakes, what's the fuss about?" and then my neighbour gave me a cupcake she bought from somewhere in central Auckland. The cake was yummy all by itself BUT the icing was something made in heaven - natural fruit flavour or something like that.

hound31, Aug 5, 10:27am
You'd probably throw up if you saw it being made lol. I'm guessing all supermarket bakeries use roughly the same product. It's a white fatty looking substance (for want of a better word) brand name "Kramers" from memory. comes in big blocks of about 12 kg encased in plastic and a carton. It's put in a commercial mixing bowl with water and food colouring (can't remember the ratios now) and whipped until it's the right consistency. That's in a supermarket bakery, not sure what smaller bakeries/ cafes do. Not sure what the white stuff contains, but I'd bet it's not butter.

oopie, Aug 5, 10:52pm

sue62, Jan 9, 10:00pm
Thank you very much. I will try it

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