Electronic Kitchen Scales

yellowgal, Sep 7, 8:02am
Hi - which brand of electronic kitchen scales are recommended? Does anyone have Salter 1037 scales? Thanks

cor.-., Sep 7, 9:10am
check out the Joseph Joseph brand, I recently bought their triscale folding digital one to measure my food for a weight loss regime and they're my new favourite kitchen utensil

harrislucinda, Sep 7, 9:16am
dont like electronic scales as battery always ran out and never carried a spare

unknowndisorder, Sep 7, 9:48am
Have a think about what you want to measure. What increments do you need, do you need to measure mils, ounces, grams, kilograms. What total weight.

The scales I have settled on are Hario coffee scales, as the increments (up to 200g) are .1g and over that (I think I've got it right) are 1g. It will only weigh 500g, but for bread making (and brewing beer) it is great. It does not come in any other measurements than grams, but I have been perfectly happy with them.

I've tried others and not been happy with them, but admit none were Salter. I know one was Breville (and would not recommend based on my experience, which I have forgotten what, but know I hated them) and an unknown brand that I bought at Stevens. The second one was replaced because I did want to measure more carefully, and happily gave the scales to a friend.

I did spot some scales on here a while back, I think from an Aussie seller, that may sometimes be better than what I have (and cheaper), but could not find them again and don't need them.

And yes, I have found electronic scales can crap out at the worst possible moment, but I do have spare batteries, just a nightmare when you are in the midst of measuring multiple ingredients.

davidt4, Sep 7, 11:29am
I have a cheap Zip kitchen scales, cost about $25 and they are fine. I've had them about six years and they seem accurate. I think I got them st Briscoes.

sue-ellen, Sep 7, 2:41pm
i have this one: Salter Disc Electronic Digital Kitchen Scale and absolutely love it. Stays on my bench top. Battery lasts for ages too.

clair4, Sep 7, 9:01pm
Mine is a Wilshire with a flat glass tray. Ideal for puting a bowl on top and then turn on, and put the ingredients in to measure. Had it for a long time and sits on the bench. It is a goodie

kaddiew, Sep 7, 10:09pm
My flat glass Breville works just fine. I never pay full price for kitchen appliances if i can help it, and this was about $39-$49 on special at Briscoes.

My Salter (OP mentioned this brand) bathroom electronic scales are still working well after 20 years, with only one battery change.

cor.-., Sep 7, 10:15pm
Here's mine: it does grams, mls, fl.oz, oz, kg and lb's- capacity is up to 5kg's, I can put a dinner plate on it, reset it back to zero and add salad or veg, reset, add chicken or fish, reset it add sauce and so on. and I can fold up and put in a draw and take it with me to work or if I'm staying elsewhere, love it love love it! And I'm losing weight (appx 1kg per week) via portion control and kilojoule counting and doing the 5:2 regime (2 days a week [not consecutive] restrict kilojoules to 2,000 per day). It's on for a couple of mins 3 times a day and I see no sign of battery fatigue but have a spare for when it does blink:

wildflower, Sep 8, 2:26am
I bought a set of the Joseph Joseph ones from Briscoes; they sent me a set someone else had returned by the look of it. The battery was almost flat and they didn't work. Haven't bought anything from Briscoes since! Back to my manual scales after returning those ones!

cor.-., Sep 8, 2:43am
Yeah I went to Briscoes first and they had 1 last set which was the JJ stay on your benchtop sort which had a bowl, I asked the shop assistant if I could check them out, he took over and proceeded to roughly somehow break them as I looked on over his shoulder (I hate it when staff do that, I'm the one about to purchase something and they completely take over and don't let you get a look in). so I walked up to St Lukes, went to Farmers and the female shop assistant let me check them out myself and I ended up with the one's I'm sooo happy with (incase you couldn't tell). I'm sure Briscoes just put the broken ones back on the shelf.

nzdoug, Dec 28, 8:49am
We have the Salter 1036 and its probly 4 years old and going good.
It has a sticker on the back that says the battery is a CR2032 so its no biggy to get one at the food shops.

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