Chicken recipe for slow cooker?

korbo, Oct 26, 8:22am
I have some boneless chicken thighs, and want to cook them in my new slow cooker.
I was thinking along the lines of something. sweet/sour.
NOT curried.
Anyone got a good fav. Feeding 5 persons.

valentino, Oct 26, 8:55pm
Korbo, just do it, put them in the slow cooker, add what you like, tasting as you go by seasoning with the right seasoning, if sweet and sour then add sugar and some Sherry or white vinegar plus some juice of pineapple along with your suggested fruits.

The key is to taste as you go once you start adding these extras.

Maybe a bit of cornflour mainly to give a nice texture to the liquids.

Hope you can fathom these thoughts further.

Editing to add that I use to quite often do this with various meats, even adding fresh chillie and sweetening this to my taste.


pixiegirl, Oct 26, 9:23pm
Some good ideas here

korbo, Oct 26, 10:09pm
thanks. got it cooking now.

geldof, Oct 27, 5:14am
I would have done chicken thighs, mushrooms, asparagus and kumera.
Cooked in a little cream seasoned with chicken stock.

samanya, Oct 27, 5:39am
I just wing it adding the flavours I feel like on the day & what I want to serve it with, salad, rice or veges . which is pretty much what valentino said.
You can easily adapt favourite recipes . Indian, stir fry flavours etc etc. that type of thing. Mind you I'm no expert on flavours or an ethnic cuisine expert but like art . I know what I like. ;o)

rarogal, Dec 10, 5:19pm
Just made one last night, threw chopped bacon, onion and mushrooms with chicken thighs into CP. added a packet of Chicken Chasseur with water and a little cream towards the end. Just delicious.

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