Dehydrated Bacon

dave313, Jan 21, 10:10pm
Just wondering what dehydrator you brought?
Have you done banana chips, if so how long and what temperature?
Thanks Mrs D.

eljayv, Jan 22, 3:52am
Had a sunbeam years ago everything took so long . I decided not worth the power or effort and got rid. Made me reluctant to try others .

brightlights60, Jan 23, 9:32am
This. I would be using it for pizza toppings.

brucerae, Aug 2, 12:35pm
I bought a dehydrator some time ago, and I’m LOVING what I can dry and preserve, mostly fruits and vegetables. It means I can add out-of-season veges and fruit to stir fries and slow-cooker meals and add a lovely tasty dimension to the meal.
Recently, I’ve even started experimenting with drying fish and meat, and that works beautifully too!
BUT when I tried this with bacon, I think I didn’t do enough research first – I simply dried the raw bacon straight from the packet. It has dried beautifully but when I added it to what I’m cooking, I can’t taste that lovely bacon flavour.
NOW I’ve discovered that you’re supposed to COOK it before you dry it!
SO, here’s my question/challenge …
How can I recover, and maybe even do some damage control on this dried bacon so I can enjoy the lovely flavour of the bacon when I add some to whatever I’m cooking?
Could I soak it in water and then fry in oil?

socram, Aug 2, 10:32pm
As it is available all the year round, I'd just mix it with fresh!

jan2242, Aug 2, 11:34pm
Found this online -

Before dehydrating bacon, cook the slices in a skillet until each is crisp and cooked through. Drain the bacon very well on paper towels. Fat that remains on the meat during dehydration may become rancid. Place the bacon strips in the drying tray of the dehydrator and put the tray into the machine.

brucerae, Aug 3, 8:25am
Does anyone else have any other ideas or suggestions?

brucerae, Aug 3, 9:00am
I mean ideas or suggestions to fix the mistake I made by drying it before I had cooked it .

krames, Aug 4, 8:43am
what brand of dehydrator did you buy?
a sunbeam would take a week to dehydrate bacon.

brucerae, Aug 4, 11:15am
Hello? Anyone out there

fifie, Aug 5, 12:59am
If it were me and bacon is in strips I'd brush lightly with warmed maple syrup and sprinkle sparingly with bacon stock and smoked paprika mixed and into hot oven about 3-4 mins to try add some .flavour

brucerae, Aug 9, 9:24am
Does anyone else have any other ideas or suggestions about fixing this problem? I've really appreciated the creative ideas about how to process the bacon BEFORE I dehydrate it, but I'm looking for ideas about what to do if I HAVEN'T cooked it before I dehydrate it . ie DAMAGE CONTROL . ;-]

buzzy110, Jan 14, 3:52pm
I'm not sure but wouldn't it be something that could be crumbled up and used in salads, dukkah, and as a topping on dishes such as mac cheese, potato bake,etc. I think commercially they are called Bacon Bits.

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