Recommendations on a rangehood

malcovy, Jun 7, 9:11pm
I am needing to replace an old range hood to one that is vented outside. I have one that circulates odours around the room and its horrible. I will need an electrician and I need to keep costs down. What ones do you have and do they work well? All help is appreciated. Thanks.

aybe_sea, Jun 14, 3:01am
Got a new F&P rangehood cheap from appliance shed to replace a Smeg.
It's like a new world! Even the lowest setting is better than the Smeg on full.

This one:

Normal price $1299 pretty expensive, but I got mine for $700. it was a second because the packaging was damaged and the flue part has a very small un-noticeable dent.

Be aware though, that if you get a different size and shape you may find that unpainted wall is now exposed.

Also, get a pro to install it.

uncle19, Jun 14, 3:35am
not my beumatic,its like a jet engine.

malcovy, Aug 28, 12:58am
:-) Thanks. I had a look through a issue of consumer for recommendations and they didn't cover beumatic

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