Hand mixer Recommendations please

nzpcltd, Nov 16, 9:09pm
I just cannnot find a decent handmixer. had a 350 watt one which was great but it die within the year and went out of production . bought a 300 watt one which drives me mad it is so gutless. they all tackle whipped cream fine but I would like one that can handle a thickish cake mix. thanks!

veejay13, Nov 16, 10:34pm
I've got one which is very satisfactory for me. Breville Wizz Mix, 320 watt motor, 5 speeds plus pulse.Turbo boost function, twin steel mixing beaters, quick release eject button (I'm reading all this off its box). It cost $51.10 at Briscoes - knowing them I probablay got it cheaper - they always seem to be having a sale! I can't recall when I bought it, but it must be at least 10 years ago. As it was my only cake mixer for several years, I've made cakes, biscuits (you name it) quite satisfactorily with it.

nzpcltd, Nov 17, 1:46am
Thank you veejay. I will have a look at this one whilst on my search :)

cgvl, Nov 17, 1:54am
I had a Sunbeam one, could be used as both a hand mixer and or stand mixer, it was great. I think they now make as a hand mixer seperatly (sp) as I only have the stand mixer version.

buzzy110, Dec 3, 11:08am
I have a Sunbeam one. It is as old as the hills, been cooked twice and still going strong. I thought to replace it with a flash Kitchen Aid one. It drives me crazy. The beater 'wires' are just that, made from a wire, rather than wider strips of metal and they couldn't whip cream let alone cream butter and sugar. But it looks nice.

If I ever bought another one I'd make sure that the beaters had wider bands rather than just a wire thickness. I'm so over Kitchen Aid.