Slow cooker recipe book recommendations?

dinkypinky, Jun 8, 9:06am
I bought a slow cooker today - but don't want to overload myself with recipe books I won's use - only want one or two. What do you recommend?

245sam, Jun 8, 9:17am
dinkypinky, I haven't yet seen Allyson Gofton's book "Slow" or Robyn Martin's latest crockpot/slowcooker book or Joan Bishop's latest book but I do have and would recommend Joan Bishop's earlier books (I have two of her earlier editions) and Alison and Simon Holst's books ( I have both of their crockpot/slow cooker bookes). Any of those books should be easily found in any/most book shops. For the latter books have a look also, at:-
Once on that website have a look under Products - Books.

Hope that helps, have fun and enjoy using your new purchase. :-))

dinkypinky, Jun 8, 9:27am
thanks so much for informative answer! will check this website too :)

bunny51, Jun 8, 9:57am
I have both the lison Hos crock pot cook books too and use them reguarly

glenn-ellyn, Jun 9, 8:53am
Alison Gofton's book 'Slow' is an absolute winner. I have been using it twice a week and still lots to try.

setev, Jul 21, 10:02pm
Why not borrow them from your local library and see which one(s) you would get the most use out of?