Homemade bread.

korbo, Nov 20, 8:21pm
I make bread in my breadmaker 2-3 times a week.
Last week, waited for the beep and added grated cheese. The cheese seemed to stick on the outside.
Yesterday added the cheese with the flour.
Loaf turned out nice, but lacked the cheese flavour.

What do you do when adding other ingredients.

lythande1, Nov 20, 10:27pm
Adding cheese into it does add flavour, but it will also make a denser loaf.
(Fat does)
I never let the machine actually cook the loaf, I just use it to do the kneading, then remove the dough and do the final rise in my loaf dish. Then is when I add things mostly, cheese, seeds whatever.
You might want to use a decent cheese, no edams or colbys, use a proper aged cheddar or such. far more flavour with a lot less of it.

valentino, Dec 2, 10:02am
You will note that even bread bakers will add cheese on top and not the sides or bottom as cheese will stick to anything once heated and melted.

Either add cheese after dough is mixed and stopped kneading, take it out of machine and incorporate the cheese within plus a little on top and place back into the machine to go through the cooking cycle or do as the bakers do, mix the dough then the thing is using no tins like the bakers do but after adding cheese as above, simply mould into loaves (no tins used), directly onto baking trays, bake them in the oven until baked.


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