Homemade tomato soup

korbo, Aug 30, 12:36am
have always made my own tomato soup, and frozen in containers. This years lot is too rich for me.
What could it be that it is too rich,,?
the tomoatoes, or too much butter. just very rich

valentino, Aug 30, 2:15am
Perhaps like me. getting older and consequently the taste buds are changing . perhaps a lot quicker, hmmmm, but yeah. LOL.

davidt4, Aug 30, 4:00am
I'm not clear about what "too rich" means. Do you mean too fatty? Too intensely flavoured? Too thick?

korbo, Aug 30, 4:48am
maybe what I meant to say. too tomatoey ?. then again had some for lunch and realise it is also too sweet. I guess some tomatoes are more flavoursome than others. will cut back on sugar next year.

fifie, Aug 30, 9:43pm
Try a spoonful of sour cream on top when serving, sprinkled with a few chopped chives might help. I only put a tblsp sugar in mine.

harrislucinda, Aug 30, 10:05pm
different tomatoes types will change the flavor

davidt4, Aug 30, 10:15pm
I wouldn't add any sugar to tomato soup at all.

buzzy110, Aug 30, 10:22pm
Share your recipe.

pauline999, Aug 31, 9:04am
Maybe cook up some kumera or pumpkin and blend it in ?

nzdoug, Aug 31, 9:06am
Do you take a one McD catchup w 1 cup boiling?

rainrain1, Aug 31, 10:16pm
Water it down a bit

korbo, Sep 2, 5:14am
. explain please.

tjman, Sep 2, 5:17am
Having a joke with you. =)

tjman, Sep 2, 5:19am
Turn it into cream of tomato soup. Sprinkle with a little fresh thyme or basil.

korbo, Sep 2, 5:23am
for buzzy10.
7kg tomatoes. I have a certain size pot I use and just fill it up.
7 onions
2 small cups sugar
2 tblspn plain salt
3 teaspn pepper
1 litre water
250g butter
1 teaspn mustard powder
1 teaspn curry powder
fresh or dried parsley.
put all in pot bring to boil, and simmer 2-3hrs. Mouli, cool and I put in containers for the freezer, or put in sterilised jars and seal.
been making this for over 40yrs

buzzy110, Sep 2, 5:39am
Thanks korbo. I'm sure others will appreciate it as well, especially when tomato season rolls round.

bear_zerk, Sep 2, 5:49am
Thank you for the recipe, what size would the onions be ?

korbo, Sep 3, 12:45am
large onions,or whatever you have.
as I said above, I filll a certain pot. you could go to say 10kg of tomatoes, but original recipe was 7kg.

kclu, Dec 29, 6:05pm
Adapted for soup maker.
500g tomatoes, skin removed
1 small onion
1 rasher of bacon
Make up to minimum mark with stock or water
Cook on smooth
As soon as finished cooking add 1 Tablespoon sago. Leave to cool.
Adjust thickness with milk after reheating and before serving. Reheat further if necessary but don't boil.
Season to taste.
I find many bought tomato soups and recipes too sweet.

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