ButterflieD duck help

bailey25, May 26, 11:42pm
Hi, I found a butterflied duck yesterday at New World and am in need of some hints in cooking it. I havent ever tried duck at home so am nervous! If u have any advice I would love to hear it

twindizzy, May 26, 11:45pm
Is it the new range and marinated?

bailey25, May 27, 12:11am
Nope just plain non marinated

twindizzy, May 27, 4:01am
try the Saveur duck website :)

korbo, May 27, 4:05am
just cook as you normally would, a chicken, i think

gardner12, Jul 8, 4:58am
can squeeze orange over, they are quite fatty so if you have a rack to put on would help, but they are delicious, I found they didnt take as long to cook as they suggested.

beaker59, Jul 30, 10:44am
Just do it the same as you would a chicken. They take about 10% longer cooking in general.

I regularly roast a whole one though these days whole roasted ones from our local TaiPing market are pretty good. You can also get half roasted ones there too. Our family fav is a noodly soup with sliced roast duck and for me some fresh chopped chilli. Or wrapped with a little sourkraut or Kim Chee is rice paper then steamed a little.

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