Aunt Daisy's Sweet Pickled Walnut Recipe?

summersunnz, Jan 9, 9:56am
Hi - hoping someone might have her book and could post the Sweet Pickled Walnut recipe, have searched online and find it's probably Page 378 - it's the sweet recipe, not the hotter spicier recipe.
Would love to find it please, picking up some walnuts tomorrow that are the right stage to pickle, and can't find my book.
Thanks for help :-)

summersunnz, Nov 6, 3:17pm
Found it online. whew!
In case anyone would like it, here 'tis:
Aunt Daisy's Sweet Pickled Walnuts

Gather walnuts early in December— prick well with a fork. Put
into jar and cover with water. Change water every day for a week.
Strain and put into boiling water and boil till tender, with 1
tablespoon cloves, 1 tablespoon allspice, and a piece of stick
cinnamon (or teaspoon powdered cinnamon) to every quart of
water. Pour off water and spices. Boil enough vinegar and sugar
together— 1 lb. sugar to every pint of vinegar— and add to nuts.
Let stand 1 week. Strain off vinegar, bring to the boil. Put nuts
into bottles, pour boiling vinegar over, and screw down.