Seafood Chowder

petmacorpltd, Jun 22, 11:05am
Looking for a great recipe. Have to make a big quantity. Usually use Jo Seagar one but wondered if there was any other that could be recommended.

korbo, Jun 22, 11:06pm
for 6 people, I use a maggi fish pie packet mix, make it with milk, adding more than recipe says. add a few other things, carrotts, celery, onion, then all the fishy items. always nice. can water down with more milk or cream.

jan2242, Jun 23, 12:14am
White fish, shrimps, marinara mix. Leeks, onions, grated carrot. Cook the veg first in water, add the seafood, then some cream, salt, white pepper and done. Some people add potato but I only have veg. Sometimes add some cauli.

holly-rocks, Jun 24, 1:02am
This is quite nice if you're wanting something that's not cream based ~

fifie, Jun 24, 5:08am
Alyson Gofton's Blue Cod and Bluff Oyster seafood chowder is so good, but for large quantity might be bit expensive. Google will get you the recipe.

samanya, Jun 24, 5:14am
I've tried a few over time & always come back to Jo Seager's recipe, because I love the smoked fish aspect. I sometimes use marinara mix with real smoked fish & vary the seafood, but use Jo's recipe as the base.
The quantity is too much for me & I've found that it freezes well, which is handy for those evenings when I can't be faffed cooking . it's always very filling.

auckland63, Aug 19, 9:02am
Hi OP - look up Rick Stine's website. His latest episode to Mexico. I was watching recorded (Sky) episode 2 yesterday and my gosh, he made seafood chowder, nothing complicated, nothing expensive, I saved it on Mysky to try making it. I was tempted to lick my TV screen!

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