Fish Chowder - can I freeze it??

paix1, May 28, 5:57am
(containing milk, potatoes & cream) - Thanks! :-)

indy95, May 28, 6:06am
Yes, paix, you certainly can freeze your chowder and just reheat thoroughly but slowly to avoid breaking up the chunks of fish and potato.

beaker59, May 28, 6:30am
Yes works well though I prefer to freeze the stock in small batches then I can make fresh soup quite quickly.

stormbaby, May 28, 6:36am
Yes, I freeze the one with the spuds in it. I have found that you really need to reheat it thoroughly, and make sure the bowls you put it in are hot too.

paix1, Jun 14, 4:42pm
Many thanks everyone! ! ! xloxoxoxo