Pub seafood chowder?

peterframe, Jan 24, 8:03am
Does anyone have a recipe for a seafood chowder like you get in the pubs?

korbo, Jan 24, 8:29am
i would imagine and have often wondered, i think they use a commercial kinda sauce mix, as they couldnt have a big pot warming on the stove, cos only 1-2 people a night might order it. would like to know tho. love it

cgvl, Jan 24, 11:05am
not a pub one but one I got from a restaurant.
300-600mls cream or half cream-half milk depends on how rich you want it and how many you are making it for.
chooped onion, celery, and carrots, also some peas and corn (when in a hurry I use chuckwagon corn) Cook these until soft in a little water.
2 or more cups of seafood marinara or a mix of seafood, plus 1-2 fillets of fish and 2 surimi/crab sticks chopped.
pepper to taste and about 1Tbsp fish sauce/stock (liquid)
lastly 1-2tbsp cornflour to thicken
Cook the vegies, drain off any water then add the cream and bring to boil. Add seafood and fish sauce/stock then cook for 5mins, thicken with cornflour and serve.
If you are using fresh seafood ie mussels then cooking time maybe longer.
Some use a stock base and wine but I am not to keen on the taste.

rainrain1, Jan 24, 6:57pm
But which pub Peterframe? Different pub, different recipe it seems :-)

korbo, Jan 24, 7:00pm
I cheat now, and buy a maggi fish pie packet, make it up(as in sauce) with slightly less milk, and then just add all the fishy bits. very nice. would only feed 2 with good helping... ...

darlingmole, Jan 24, 7:22pm
To be honest I've always foudn pub chowder to look great but be a disappointment in the taste department.

Try frying some onions and garlic in butter then add some flour to make a roux (paste) then slowly add equal quantities of milk and cream until you have the desired amount of "soup". Add your seafood and warm through (never boil as it will toughen the seafood and make mussels/scallops into rubber bullets! )Throw in some chives or parsely in the end. I personally never see why carrots/corn etc are added as they do nothing to improve the flavour of the seafood? ? (that my opinion anyway)

talent.scout, Jan 24, 10:07pm
I like no fuss cooking... i just make a garlic filled, thick white sauce, with onions... . add a bottle of cream, and lots of real butter... . add chopped Italian parsley, andfill with whatever seafood is economical at the time... usually chopped mussels, frozen shrimps etc... . and lots of grated cheese... salt and pepper, garnish with parsley

easy peasy... not healthy - but yum.

serve with crusty rolls or garlic bread

dezzie, Jan 24, 10:36pm
I fry onions gently in about 50 grms of butter, then add flour to make a roux, but only use milk no cream, add a 400 grm packet of marinara mix, some monk fish(doesn't fall to bits) a few extra mussels, and some precooked then allowed to cool potato cubes (if you cook them first then allow to cool they don't go to mush) heat it all thru, then add a a cup or two of grated cheese, and serve with garlic bread.
Its the closest I can get to the best tasting pub chowder in Nelson.

smchkn, Jan 24, 10:45pm
We went to a place in Ohakune and they served the chowder in a warm cobb loaf - a bit different, but nice.

carriebradshaw, Jan 25, 3:36am
#9 -I had some lovely seafood chowder in San Francisco served the same way, it was lovely.

allspices, Jan 26, 12:46am
Well, seafood chowder at Masterton's Copthorne Solway Park is stunning.

neil_di, Jan 26, 7:51pm
peterframe. . I see that you come from Invercargill and there is nothing like a southland seafood chowder elsewhere in NZ and the reason for that is locally caught fresh BLUE COD. The pubs might buy in "Kings Fishmarket" seafood chowder. You can buy it from their shop in Invercargill. I am assuming it still exists! It is in Ythan st. I hope this helps.

trickytash, Jul 22, 1:42pm
seafood chowder at the vista motel restuarant in good old wairoa! yea the meanest Ive tasted... apart from my mums! they have some really good quality home cooking going on there! yummo!

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