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cmw1983, Apr 3, 1:22am
Excited for you! I'm just starting and it is exciting. Mind you, I haven't seen any quotes yet. :-)

Very interested that you are putting in two full size ovens. We've thought briefly of that because I really want two ovens but have yet to find a double oven I like and I'm very happy with the performance of our existing oven. Problem is, I don't really need as much space as two full ovens, but want a decent "half" oven, not just a glorified grill. I need to do more research.

Thanks for the detail, have a great week.

valentino, Apr 3, 5:34am
http://www.belling.co.nz/ Use the arrow in the side of the top bit to a kitchen look. Now this link needs to look through everything to appreciate. each section has arrows, use them to peruse further. Love the sizes they offer and that moisturiser . http://www.miele.co.nz/domestic/ovens-1445.htm

cmw1983, Apr 3, 5:59am
Thanks Valentino, we are enjoying all your suggestions, thanks. I might have to resubmit on the Miele website a couple of times -the first effort said my perfect oven was $16000. Nice but not in budget :-). I will certainly spend some time on these sites this week, thank you.

valentino, Apr 3, 7:58am
Just adding further thoughts esp if you hosting a bit and is quite nice simple and unique but slightly off topic but nice to know to add to overall thoughts.

http://www.seriouseats.com/2015/02/how-to-make-chinese-hot-pot-at-home-guide.html http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2009/07/14/1247337107281.html

In Rotorua, visited a restaurant set up with these in mind and though WOW, we have BBQ gathering , Home gatherings normal but Chinese Hot Pot style does open things up further and no cooking to worry about, the diners do it themselves bit by bit.


robyn35, Apr 3, 8:15am
wouldnt recommend a Belling oven, i bought this one as i loved the look of it

while its ok, i wouldnt rave about it at all, its quite patchy in the cooking, the middle of the oven seems to be a bit of a dead spot. The top oven is really small so can only fit flat oven dishes in but is fine when cooking for one

valentino, Apr 3, 8:15pm
I have a "Leisure" double oven, top is grill and smaller oven full width and depth, with the much bigger full size oven under ceramic stove top.

Only downside is no power plugs like others I had have had, lol tongue twister.

Interesting comment robyn35 - did you go back to them noting that, they do need to know.

Have worked in spacious kitchens and a couple of good size purposely ovens will always do the job for a gathering. Quite often though needed a hooded BBQ or a Bain Marie just to keep certain foods warm.

Raises another though, do you a Hooded BBQ outside handy, great to have especially Rotisserie.

The obvious question is "How many regularly will the kitchen cater for, how large is the home, and resale value?

Only you can answer this.



buzzy110, Apr 4, 10:07pm
I prefer the tempered glass splashbacks. They are easy to clean and come in a range of colours so can look fabulous. My splashback is stainless steel.

Instead of an overhead extractor fan I have a s/s one set into the wall above the splash back. It pulls splatters and steamy air toward it so that most of the splatter goes to one place (onto the splashback) so not so much cleaning. It works beautifully; is accessible so easy to pull apart and clean; it is integrated and unobtrusive leaving the space above the stove clear and finally it is as near silent as anyone would want.

davidt4, Apr 4, 11:11pm
The wall mounted extractor fan sounds interesting Buzzy. Can you tell me the brand ?

buzzy110, Apr 5, 3:40am
My entire kitchen, which includes two fridges, 5 burner gas hob, double wall oven, dishwasher and under-sink electric water heater, is Westinghouse. I presume the extractor is as well. The reason my back of hob splashback is stainless steel is because that is the front of the extractor, i.e. - the filters are behind the splash back and the top of the s/s panel has vents cut into it. It is vented to the exterior via a pipe that goes under the floor. I like it because my hobs do not have to go onto an outside wall. With a bit of imagination anyone can easily see the advantages, both visually and practically when the extractor is directly behind and just above the height of the biggest pot and looks just like the splashback

toyboy3, Apr 6, 11:34pm
Why do kitchen designers all ways put the dishwasher under the sink bench when it would be easier to load and unload the dishwasher if it was up higher ?

mackenzie2, Apr 8, 8:18am

cmw1983, Apr 8, 9:08am
Nice! Thank you. Another cool item into the bag of tricks:-). It's great to have input from a variety of people, much appreciated. We've talked to a couple of providers and we're getting some quotes. First quote arrived today - a bit "ouch" but the lovely designer is going to have a play and see what she can trim.

whitehead., Apr 8, 9:27am
i would keep the stainless steel as it keeps the water in the sink . plenty of storage places . and a long bench with a rubbish bin under the sink so you have some where to put bits till you have a load to take out side . when i had a flat bench it let the water run all over the place .

pony_girl, Apr 10, 10:36pm
Things I love about my kitchen are, my Ilve oven https://nz.pinterest.com/pin/225813368789693063/ - if I was ever going to move I would take it with me, it's that good ! Also agree that a quiet and powerful (with good lighting) range hood is important too. I have a large porcelain butlers sink in the kitchen - and its great, you can always fit large dishes, roasting pans etc in it easily, which make cleaning them much easier. I am lucky enough to have a large scullery/pantry - with another big sink in there and it also has large benches with room for the toaster, microwave, cake mixer etc - and drawers under the benches for vegetables etc. Lastly, I agree with one of the other posters, about planning how you would unload your dishwasher (if you have one) - my dishwasher is beside the sink, so rinsed dishes can be easily put in, then the cupboards and drawers that I need to unload into are all within easy reach (and they open without banging into the open dishwasher door too) so that it's quick and easy to unload as well. One other thing I love about my kitchen is that I have a Stanley wood range cooker between the kitchen and dining room (all open plan) so that is wonderful for keeping the place warm, it heats our water and great to cook on and in. Hope you enjoy your new kitchen :-)

pony_girl, Apr 10, 11:34pm
I just checked and the range-hood I have is Asko - it is very quiet, but super powerful and best of all the filters in it are all stainless steel panels (not a mesh like some) and you can easily remove them and put them in the dishwasher occasionally keeping them nice and clean.

biggles45, Apr 11, 3:15am
Haven't read all the threads so, sorry, may be repeating what others have said. We are planning our kitchen revamp at the moment. Priorities are plenty of power points, tiled splashback (def not glass), walk in pantry with heaps of shelving (had one in the last house and there was so much more storage than even a large pantry unit, plus easier to organise and all the small appliances can sit on shelves in there freeing up cupboard space for crockery/pans/glassware etc), loads of work bench area is a must - hate islands so work bench on 3 sides but I quite fancy a large butcher's block in the centre as long as it has castors so I can move it.

valentino, Apr 11, 3:41am
Hmmm, nice idea tooo, extending this thought - like an extended bench area on castors that can be moved about yet push into a home (sort of) within the kitchen. An interesting concept.


cmw1983, Apr 13, 4:51am
I just checked back after a few days and found more great feedback, many thanks. :-). We're getting three design/quotes (without sharing any designer's ideas with the others). I really like each of the designers, the reputation of the companies and the examples I've seen of the products. So far we have two results. One good design, a bit pricey. One not great on either design or price. Third due next week. Exciting stuff :-)

davidt4, Apr 13, 7:22am
That is what we will have in our new kitchen, as I don't want an island. I can't decide whether to get something especially made, and if so what, or to just buy a long narrow table or to get something a bit more industrial on wheels.

valentino, Apr 13, 7:31am
Perhaps if you can imagine the finished look, layout upon all being completed then look at what could be movable for your specific purpose.
Maybe a good word with some cabinet makers - kitchen designers to explore further thoughts.


valentino, Apr 13, 8:20pm
And further thinking overnight, an Ironing board kept popping up in my mind, perhaps something like that incorporated somewhere like a pull out Pantry and the side or back drops down into an extended work area, or a set of cupboards/bench that can be pull out and something drops out to create the extra.

Hmmm, yep still thinking but thoughts added, maybe you can extend this further in your thinking.


kaddiew, Apr 13, 9:40pm
A top drawer in my 25 year old kitchen is actually a pull/fold out ironing board, but I haven't used it once in the 4 years I've been here. Think it's just in the wrong position, and I prefer my standard ironing board I can move around to suit whatever I'm ironing (something I try to avoid as much as possible!).

dollmakernz, Apr 14, 1:25am
Our new kitchen is almost finished, just waiting for the glass splash back to be made. I really like the new sink with draining board. It's eco granite
https://trademe.tmcdn.co.nz/photoserver/full/469843794.jpg https://trademe.tmcdn.co.nz/photoserver/full/469843558.jpg

rainrain1, Apr 14, 2:41am
What is the point of those second little sinks?

rainrain1, Apr 14, 2:42am
If you have tiles, don't have light coloured grout. be warned!

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