My Dad got a cooked frozen ham?

dibble35, Dec 9, 6:08am
Its from a pig farmer, so hoping its a nice one. Anyhow. what to do with it? Im used to just buying them all ready to carve and eat - i'm not sure if this will be once its defrosted? Im guessing if I do a nice glaze, cook it. And then left overs (if there are any) can be frozen again? Im just guessing here but hoping some knowledgeable person knows a lot about hams and knows what im talking about. LOL.

mouse265, Dec 9, 6:32am
if its too big for xmas dinner you could cut it smaller and return the one piece to the freezer until you want it and thaw the other piece out and treat it as you normally would

duckmoon, Dec 9, 6:32am
You could just defrost and eat.

If you want it hot, then warm/cook in oven. with a glaze over the top if you like.
Then carve.

I wouldn't re-freeze

snapperheadrkp, Dec 9, 6:35am
CRIMINAL to freeze a cooked ham
It will come out all watery as brined (aka salted) products don't freeze well and if it over a couple of months old the fat could be rancid as brined fat does not actually freeze properly or well (from what I know)
If you intend to eat a ham on Xmas Day and not be disappointed I suggest you buy another fresh vacuum packed COOKED ham or stick with Lamb< Chicken or Turkey
My thinking (and experience) is it will (when thawed and dressed) be an absolute disaster.
If you want to use it up cut it into Ham Steaks while semi frozen and either refreeze it quickly in single slices with plastic go between and fry in a hot frying pan draining off the water as you cook or BBQ.Test my advice by buying enough ham steaks for a meal, freeze them for a few days then thaw and cook and you will see how much water you have to discard to get an edible result
If you do as I suggest PLEASE BE CAREFUL thaw it in the fridge or you may have at the least a dose of the trots OR something worse like happened to the family in Putaruru recently after eating pork
See what others say

dibble35, Dec 9, 7:57am
Not sounding good, i know what you mean, if i've frozen ham leftovers ive always used them in soups - no good for eating. Hmm may have to investigate further and hope dads not got a dud! Wish he'd just ordered a ham at the local markets like he normally does. Thanks,

spider47, Dec 9, 8:58am
You can buy frozen cooked ham so I can't see the problem cooking it and freezing the left overs as long as they are handled in a hygeinic way.
If you take it to a butcher while frozen they will cut it into more user friendly sizes and you can then thaw only what you need to cook.
Keep any cooked ham in a ham bag or similar to keep it nice.
I hope you all enjoy the experience.

samanya, Dec 10, 6:02am
The only way I have found to avoid the watery ham after thawing. is to defrost it very slowly in the fridge over a couple of days. It's never quite the same as fresh, of course, but it seems to retain the moisture a bit better.

barbiedoll, Dec 10, 11:48pm
My Grandson had a ham in my freezer for a year before it was thawed and heated. Said it tasted ok.

harrislucinda, Nov 23, 4:16pm
if it is cooked then frozen why do you cook it again that will dry the ham out

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