Feijoa skin fizz

rupps, Apr 14, 8:40pm
Yes I've noticed the skins bob to the surface so unsure whether my first batch will be ok. Might have to try again but it sounds delish

kbrough, May 22, 10:40pm
Does anyone have the recipe ? I think I saw it on facebook or somewhere but didn't write it down, it is a fermented drink

kbrough, May 22, 10:46pm
I found it !
Feijoa Fermented Fizzy drink!

This simple recipe uses what would otherwise be a waste product and turns it into a delicious, refreshing beverage. It has a low sugar content but tastes great. This is fun to do with kids and is great scientific learning!

Once you have scooped out the feijoa flesh to use in your favourite feijoa recipe (or as we sometimes do - blend and freeze in ice cube trays, so they are free flow and can be used in porridge, baking, desserts and smoothies) give the skins a quick rinse.

Loosely fill a 1 Litre sized jar with feijoa skins. Add 1 TB of sugar and cover with water. Leave covered (we just did loosely) on bench for 2-3 days. After that strain, and pop your feijoa skins into the compost. Add a further 1 TB of sugar and top up with water. Leave for a further day then chill, drink and enjoy (y) Cool fact - The fermenting process removes some of the sugar as the sugar feeds the natural yeasts from the feijoa skins. Tip 1 - For the second ferment if you seal it, it will get nice and bubbly. Tip 2 - We just used a tomato passata jar for second ferment, but if you get flip top bottles you will likely get a better fizz. Happy fermenting :)

Edited to add: The water really needs to cover the feijoa skins to create an anaerobic environment. If your feijoas go mouldy, you need to discard and try again. You can sterilise the jar in a hot oven and ensure the sugary water solution, comes up over the feijoas. This is an easy entry into fermenting and if you continue on with other ferments, you will learn as you go along. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

lilyfield, May 23, 2:30am
I eat the skins

cleggyboy, May 23, 6:31am
Mind boggles where the fizz will come from. LOL.

samanya, May 23, 6:35am
I don't eat the skins so I'd give it a go . maybe it's like elder flower 'fizz', where natural yeasts are from the flowers, or in this case skins?
It's worth a try.

ritebuy, May 23, 9:11am
Thankyou yarrow I will start tomorrow

deanna14, May 28, 5:33pm
I made this recently, didn't go to the fizz stage just drank it after a few days in the fridge, it was deliscious. Will never waste the skins ever again.

geldof, May 28, 8:39pm
I've been making it. It fizzes really well. Delicious.

samanya, Sep 19, 11:52am
I've got some on the go (day 2).
I had 10kg of Feijoas given to me . so I doubled the amount of sugar , probably not enough for the quantity of skins I had, but I'd prefer it on the tart side. I've got it in a bucket with a dinner plate on top to keep the skins submerged . so here's hoping.

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