Crockpot whole smoked chicken, anyone ever done

billybob57, May 9, 2:24am
I know smoked chicken is cooked during the process but one day I heated one in the microwave and omg its so much better heated up, I was thinking maybe using a crockpot to heat up instead of microwave as everyone would have come across microwaves tend it slightly toughen meat. I was thinking maybe 4 hours on low . Any crockpot experts out there that could give some tips . I was thinking crockpot so as not to dry it out and maybe even make it even more tender... . should putting a few mmm of water across bottom better, any tips appreciated

crystalmoon, Apr 16, 12:02pm
very interesting, cant answer your question, but I agree heated smoked chicken is very nice. Hhhmmm might have to try it out myself. Let us know if you try it.