Your fav Smoked Chicken salad recipe please

noonesgirl, Nov 30, 5:06am
Got a 1kg smoked chicked from Raeward to-day & feel like salad & new potatoes.

vintagekitty, Nov 30, 5:08am
I love mixed salad leaves, avocado, cherry tomatoes and smoked chicken with a blue cheese dressing, and pinenuts or walnuts

noonesgirl, Nov 30, 5:14am
Do you toss the chicken through the salad v.k?

vintagekitty, Nov 30, 5:16am
yep, if I havent got any blue cheese dressing I use a vinaigrette. I think smoked chicken and avocado are perfect together

cookessentials, Nov 30, 6:33am
I usually use a smoked bonelss breast with mesclun salad,diced tomato,avacado, olives and a balsamic and olive oil dressing

trah, Sep 17, 8:14pm
Cook spiral pasta and drain after adding a cup of cold water to cool quickly.Mix in a bowl, about half a jar of good mayonnaise, a tablespoon of pesto and a teaspoon of moroccan spice mix.Stir the dressing through the pasta.Add sliced smoked chicken.Can add chopped capsicum and sliced red onion too.