Sea Shell Pasta Milk Pudding.

cookiebarrel, Sep 21, 6:51am
looking for a recipe to make this. My mum used to do it for us many years ago and would like to try it again but have no idea where to start! Would using a sago pudding recipe work by replacing sago with the pasta seashells? Have been making a few of the older style puddings recently and it is fun reminiscing and the family seem to be enjoying it also, which is a big plus!

geldof, Sep 21, 7:06am
I think any milk pudding recipe would work but you wouldn't cook it for nearly as long.
I'd also try adding already nearly cooked pasta to a nice baked custard recipe.

fifie, Sep 25, 12:19am
I'd try bringing milk to the boil, add 2 beaten egg yolks. sugar, and vanilla, cook few mins, then add some partially cooked pasta shells, take off the heat fold in the beaten egg whites . Lid on let it sit to thicken, serve warm with fruit I make sago pudding with egg whites,. Lovely and fluffy Pudding.

245sam, Dec 22, 1:58am
cookiebarrel, my guess is that your Mum possibly did as my Mum did i.e. made a basic baked egg custard mix and added the partially cooked pasta shells to the custard mix then gently baked it, possibly with a light sprinkling of freshly grated nutmeg. I base my baked egg custard on 1 egg per 150ml milk with sugar to taste (usually a scant tbsp per egg).

Hope that helps. :-))

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