Edmonds Cookery Book 1980 - Anyone got one?

pink-dragon, Oct 4, 10:08pm
I have been given a copy of this book to sell for a friend. It is missing the back cover and the last page is page 166. Can someone with this 1980 edition please tell me how many pages it is missing so I can decide if it is worth listing. Thanks

kaddiew, Oct 4, 10:44pm
Sorry, I don't have that edition but my 1985 version has 172 pages (the last few pages are Sweets), then 1 side of a page on baking powder, then 5 sides of Index.

fibreartist, Oct 5, 3:49am
Where did you find the year?

Mine has listed the print runs & years, last one is 15th printing 1976, so mine is after that

It has 144 pages then back cover

kaddiew, Oct 5, 4:39am
Are you referring to OP or me? My 1985 orange hard cover one has the "De Luxe Edition" print runs listed on the first page, from 1st print 1955 to 20th print 1985.

buzzy110, Oct 5, 4:46am
My 1976 edition has 122 pages. My 1977 edition has 166 pages. One ends on sweets and the other on Vegetables.

But the logical way to find out how many pages there is to read the Index. Check the highest page number. It maybe in Sweets or Vegetables and the final recipe on the page with the highest number. Problem solved.

pink-dragon, Dec 19, 4:49pm
Thanks for looking for me. I didn't even look for the index as my own 1991 copy has the index at the back so I presumed it was missing. but the index on this one is at the front. so turns out I have all the pages just missing the cover . YAY

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