Slow Cooker

I am thinking of buying a slow cooker, I have seen some great recipes that I would like to try. What is a good brand to buy? Any tips or suggestions greatly appreciated. I would be cooking for a family of 4, so I guess I would need a 6 litre one? Thanks!

Chef_julsey, May 22, 9:16 am

Very happy with my Breville Fast Slow Cooker. Really enjoy the pressure cooker feature. Easy to use, good size, and you can sear the meat in the same cooker.

Chef_lynja, May 22, 6:54 pm

I had one. I did not like the way it cooked the food. Now I just use a casserole in the oven and the timer.

Chef_lythande1, May 22, 7:46 pm

I had a George Foreman which I just loved. Sadly the bowl began to show signs of cracking (after 12 - 15 years of use) so I replaced it. with a Russell Hobbs. I'm finding its heat is a lot lower than the Geo. F., therefore things need to be cooked for hours longer. So far I'm not all that happy with it, but I've only used it a couple of times yet, so I guess I will get used to it.

Chef_veejay13, May 22, 8:13 pm

Second vote for the Breville Fast Slow Cooker - one of the best kitchen appliances I've ever bought. So good I've bought one each for my adult children, and its my go-to choice for wedding presents.

Chef_ruakokopatuna, May 22, 9:04 pm

Buy a oval shape Slow Cooker rather than a round deep one. with the oval one you can get a decent leg of lamb/hogget cooked in that where as the deep round one you cant. Mind is a Zip had it for 5 years or so and it get used a lot making soups and casseroles and cooking legs of pork/lamb which is like pulled meat so tender

Chef_petal1955, May 22, 10:03 pm

Definitely and oval one!

Chef_rainrain1, May 23, 1:22 am

you need a crockpot

Chef_twindizzy, May 23, 2:50 am

I saw a Sheffield multi cooker online today $119.00. It includes slow cooker, airfryer, fryer, steamer etc. Im definitely buying one of those as my airfryer clapped out last week. I use my slow cooker alot, even cook my xmas puddings in it. Alison Holsts slow cooker book is great.

Chef_vomo2, May 23, 2:56 am

Thanks for all your replies!

Chef_julsey, May 23, 3:08 am

We have a Russell Hobbs as well and last night tried it for the first time. We can't say we were very impressed and we would agree with you about the heat. After 8 hours on low, we felt we would have been better off with putting it on medium.

Chef_daves, May 23, 3:48 am

I find the slow cook function on the multi cookers is much hotter and you can't leave something on low all day as it overcooks and dries out. (Not good if you like to set them before work in the morning)

Chef_geldof, May 23, 5:26 am

Have you considered the new fandangled contraptions? Fast and slow cookers all in one. I've been watching videos of the Instant Pot and think that something similar would be more cost effective and versatile than just a slow cooker.

Chef_buzzy110, May 23, 5:33 am

Personally I prefer a slow cooker which is not smothered in teflon, pavlon or whatever is the preferred non-stick of the day. So I will stay with my crock one.

While I still have my lovely German stainless pressure cookers I have not used them in several decades.

If I want to cook dried beans I fill the slow cooker crock about one third with beans, let them soak over night then wash and set to cook with fresh water in the morning. By evening I have about 6 liters of cooked beans which I freeze in small packs to add to soups or stews when the wwoofers are very hungry :)

Chef_uli, May 23, 6:10 am

Harry and Meghan got a portable slow cooker given as wedding present. Made in Africa:

Chef_uli, May 23, 11:03 pm

Hi Uli - thanks for that info re beans and slow cookers. Do you set the cooker on high or low please?

I am a novice when it comes to cooking beans and I am just beginning to find out how useful they are.

Chef_calista, May 24, 12:40 am

Put it on a timer to come on later. I found my teflon inner cooked heaps quicker than ceramic bowl, loved it but it didnt last long either before teflon started lifting.

Chef_fifie, Jun 5, 9:47 am

I usually cook them on high for about 4 to 5 hours then on low until soft.

Chef_uli, Jun 8, 4:20 am

Once you get your sc, check out the Slow Cooker Central facebook page, or their website. Amazing recipes with feedback coming up every day. Lots of info too about not using timers for delayed cooking due to food safety. Enjoy!

Chef_sylvia, Jun 12, 11:07 pm

Thanks Uli - I'll put some beans in to soak tonight. I previously used canned ones but they often add too much salt for me even though I wash them.

Thanks too for the website Sylvia. I tend to stick to tried and true recipes, which can get very boring. I need to push myself to try new things.

Chef_calista, Jun 13, 1:03 am

sylvia wrote:
Once you get your sc, check out the Slow Cooker Central facebook page, or their website. Amazing recipes with feedback coming up every day. Lots of info too about not using timers for delayed cooking due to food safety. Enjoy![/qu

Thankyou for that site.

Chef_gaimon, Aug 29, 5:18 pm