A stuffing for marrow using couscous

kirmag, Feb 14, 11:19pm
Or rice? Anyone have a yummy recipe. let a few courgettes get a bit big in the garden so have decided on stuffed marrow with our chicken for dinner. TIA :)

fifie, Feb 15, 3:58am
I use rice bacon onion s/p topped with chilli sauce /olive oil and bake. or use a fav couscous recipe with chopped peppers spices etc made up topped with breadcrumbs drizzle oil, they can be bland so filling needs to be tasty.

kirmag, Feb 15, 4:27am
Thanks fifie. i have gone for couscous done with chicke stock and fried up some red onion, garlic and capsicum amd will add tomatoes and some herbs too. Will top with breadcrumbs and a lil grated cheese. Hope it turns out ok.

whitehead., Feb 15, 4:51am
couscous with lemon peel and and juice plus spring onions chopped . you can also add black currents for a sweet oniony hit yummy

kirmag, Feb 24, 8:19am
They're looking good. In the oven now.


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