How to start home made Yoghurt

gran333, Mar 30, 12:19am
Does anyone have a recipe for making home made Yoghurt please?

bottynoodle, Mar 30, 12:23am
Google is your friend and you tube is your friend

marcs, Mar 30, 12:30am
Get a small pottle of natural yoghurt from the supermarket. Heat some milk up to room temp and add a couple of tablespoons to the milk. Pour into a glass dish and set aside in a warm place. Depending on the weather it should set in 12 hours. Hot water cupboards are good. Take out a couple of tablespoons and store away to make the next lot with. To make greek yoghurt use a muslin cloth in a strainer or just a paper towel in a strainer to drain the whey. You will have thick yoghurt then.

carter19, Mar 31, 12:27am
If you don't have a hot water cupboard use a chilli bin with a hottie in it

galex, Nov 10, 8:02am

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