Weddng cake

action351, Jan 30, 6:48pm
My daughter is getting married in Hanmer springs in March. I am not confident enough to make the wedding cake. Emailed a couple of Christchurch bskeries they havent replied. Any recomendations as who can make me a beautiful cake that doesn't cost the earth. She wants 2 tier pretty simple cake. Quoted $430 in Auckland

gilligee, Jan 30, 8:02pm
Why don't you consider making the cake and then getting an expert to ice it?

cgvl, Jan 30, 11:57pm
What sort of cake are you or your daughter actually wanting. ie fruit or chocolate mud cake

peterd11, Jan 31, 4:08am
Try Kidds in ChCh or Rangiora Bakery.

katalin2, Jan 31, 7:07am
You could contact one of the cafes in Hanmer to see if they can do wedding cakes. Also agree with Kidds or Rangiora bakery. I am making the cakes for my daughter's wedding and getting it iced.

deus701, Feb 2, 11:14pm
I know someone who does wedding cakes in christchurch. Are you still interested?

sikofstuf, Feb 3, 12:39am
Try Patsy-anne at clever cookie, she does really beautiful cakes, and VERY reasonable prices! She's based in christchurch. As a cake decorator, I thought I'd mention- this time of year is massively busy for us all, some of us go days without sleep to get orders done, speaking for myself, I dont always get time to answer emails and quotes very quickly- just thought I'd mention it, and apologize for some not getting back to you :-)

action351, Feb 3, 3:58am
Would you have a phone number for Patsy Anne ?

anne1955, Feb 3, 7:56pm
I do weeding cakes as well in fact just using my recipe to do a 16"x 16" one :) I use the Australian Womens Weekly Cookbook has great size variations as well and never let me down use it for Xmas Cakes as well I make for others. I made a Chelsea Sugar recipe Xmas cake for my yearly donation to local Hospice and it was horrible sunk and tasted like yuck and the very first failed fruit cake I have ever made and I have made many 100's of them. Keep meaning to email them and tell them. So went bake to tried and true and as I say have a huge one here waiting to be iced. I don't normally do icing as such on my cakes for weeding and the likes as it's not my line of thing leave that to the experts. I build cakes :) And do other catering. :) And must get on with the day ahead and do what needs to be done for this function.

action351, Mar 17, 9:10am
Patsy anne is making the cake for me, half the price I had been quoted in Auckland

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