Cooking couscous ?

teddy147, Oct 18, 6:32am
I haven't cooked it before so followed the instructions. I added lemon zest, juice and parsley but it was rather tasteless. how do you cook yours ? I want to use couscous to replace potato's in a few meals.

245sam, Oct 18, 6:49am
teddy147, try doing a search here on the Recipes MB using couscous as the Keyword and Last year as the Date posted option.
What did you use for liquid - just water or stock - IMO a well-flavoured stock is best + I usually add oil (not much and preferably an oil with good flavour).
Another thought - were you using instant couscous or Israeli couscous?

Hope the helps. :-))

uli, Oct 18, 7:30am
Potatoes have certainly more nutrients than wheat.

teddy147, Oct 18, 7:04pm
Sam45 I used water with olive oil n salt, and I think its instant coucous.
uli, I just wanted a change from potato's as I;m not a big fan of potato's at all.

uli, Oct 18, 7:26pm
If I make couscous then I make sure I have some soup chicken that can sit on top and the stock will go to cook the couscous. Together with lots of veges (all simmered together with the chicken) it is similar to a paella, just cracked wheat instead of rice.

If you want other side dishes to get away from potatoes then you could check out amaranth, quinoa, bulghur, lentils, wild rice or even kumara or pumpkin. I often use cubed pumpkin instead of potatoes. It is much easier to grow and you do not have to dig them up :)

fifie, Oct 18, 8:16pm
I Always use chicken stock to make couscous, imo it needs flavouring as it can be bland. Lemon zest and squeeze of juice is good along with fresh chopped herbs, flat leaf parsley, corriander, or basil i find tossed through before serving helps heaps. sometimes i add chopped capiscums. Like the pearl one also, need to cook it few mins been having that a bit lately cold with a dressing of red wine vinegar/olive/oil/s/p/tsp sugar and whatever else you have tossed through in a lettuce leaf with chops,steak, fish etc.

teddy147, Oct 18, 11:47pm
this sounds nice, i will try it.

teddy147, Oct 18, 11:49pm
we have a very big vegie garden. will be putting our seedlings in soon.

kirmag, Oct 18, 11:51pm
A nob of butter mixed in too!

wildflower, Oct 19, 1:50am
I use chicken stock too then add whatever herbs, vegetables, fruit, cooked chicken I feel like.

gloriousgirl01, Oct 29, 9:51am
first i place in bowl add boiling water cover for few mis then add 1tbs olive oil fluff up then I like to add 1/2 dried cranberries heaps coriander or parsley 1 lemon or lime juiced and the zest also can add slithered almonds can eat warm or chill in summer

crails, Oct 30, 6:26pm
I cook mine in chicken stock and stir througj a knob of butter once the stock has evaporated

gilligee, Oct 30, 10:57pm
If I am making a salad I use cold water as per Jamie Oliver. Saves a pot!

whitehead., Nov 1, 11:28pm
i use water mixed with lemon juice and mix in lemon zest spring oinion chopped fine salt and pepper and currents that i have steamed in lemon juice to plimp them up . its a sweet sour fresh taste

whitehead., Nov 1, 11:29pm
and a nob of butter at the end let it melt on top

twelve12, Nov 1, 11:35pm
1 part couscous, 1 1/2 parts boiling water.

Then garlic, salt, spices. Cumin works well.

kiwiscrapper1, Jul 27, 10:18am
I made a bowl of roast veges and coucous salad on the weekend for my work day lunches, I boiled 1 cup chicken stock add couscous (1 cup) and a little oil, once the water had evaporated stirred in butter and then just added lots of roasted veges toasted slivered almonds and bacon, just because it was left over from sunday morning breakfast!

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