Annabel Langbein's new Winter book - help please!

alegnak, May 30, 4:04am
I stupidly forgot to take this book away with me and have all the ingredients for the chicken drumsticks (using the special 8 spices which I have done) so does anyone have the book and are able to tell me how much flour etc to add to how much of the spice - and anything else I might need to know? TIA!

sooseque, May 31, 9:49am
Crispy Southern Baked Chicken, coat chicken with 2TBLSP oil, combine 4TBLSP rice flour and 2TBLSP spice mix in plastic bag, add chicken and coat.
In shallow baking dish with baking paper place chicken in single layer, bake 220c fan bake about 30 mins till golden & cooked through.

alegnak, Jun 26, 5:35am
Oh thank you sooseque, I just saw this! My daughter finally found the book for me - but it's on here now for a year should I forget it again! :)

motorbo, Jun 26, 6:49am
oh whats in the spice mix please?

alegnak, Apr 30, 3:13am
1/4 C milk powder, 4 tsp each: paprika, mustard powder, dried oregano, garlic salt, celery salt. 2 tsp ground black pepper, 1 tsp fine white pepper, 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper, or more to taste. Shake all together in a jar, will keep for several months. Can be used on chicken as above, or add 1 tsp to oven baked chips, or whatever you want really!

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