Recipe for sponge top like old school cheesecakes

donna23, Nov 1, 4:54am
I am trying to re-create a cake I had out recently, pastry bottom,then lemon curd topped with a light sponge topping,am after a tried & true recipe for the sponge top,light & airy & moist-can anyone help, thanks.

rainrain1, Nov 1, 5:20am
The old school have jam, and I thought it was always quite a firm sponge, either way, they are good!

camper18, Nov 2, 1:43am
Edmond Cookbook, Cheesecakes in the biscuit and cakes section will give you the recipe for the sponge.

kirmag, Nov 2, 4:26am
My nana made THE BEST cheesecakes! And always with jam

nauru, Jul 29, 8:44am
This is the recipe that I have used for many years. It's from my old copy of the Bero book (UK) and they are called Maids of Honour. The base is a shortcrust pastry with a jam filling and sponge topping but I have used lemon curd too.

175g (6oz) shortcrust pastry
2 tablsp raspberry jam
50g (2oz) margarine/butter
50g (2oz) caster sugar
1 egg
50 g (2oz) SR flour

Roll out pastry and cut into rounds to line patty tins. Top each case with a little jam. Cream butter and sugar, beat in egg and then fold in flour. Place small spoonfuls of mixture into each jam topped case and bake @ 180C for 30 minutes

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