Does anyone have the COllingwood area school

nessy20, Aug 1, 4:26am
recipe book by chance?

winnie231, Aug 1, 4:36am
Yes ... but still packed in a box somewhere.
What recipe are you after? I can text one of my friends in Golden Bay & see if they have it.

nessy20, Aug 1, 4:38am
oh wow i so didn't expect a reply i want tip cake and a chicken marinade by dot strange i really would like the book but not much chance that now

winnie231, Aug 1, 4:44am
I even know the several members of the Strange family ...

The friend I know has the book is a new Nana & at her son's this afternoon so it might be tomorrow before I can get the recipes ... is that soon enough for you?

nessy20, Aug 1, 4:47am
yeah thats ok yeah i no alot of people down there to i know stranges 2 small world i was there for a good 16 years my life

winnie231, Aug 1, 4:53am
Just a thought -
There is a copy in the Takaka library ... you could get hold of it through an 'interlibrary loan' ... costs $5 ... then photocopy the recipes you want.

nessy20, Aug 1, 5:20am
oh ok thanks how you do that

winnie231, Aug 1, 7:46am
Go to your local library & ask for an interlibrary loan ... you can get books from any library in NZ sent to your library ... for a fee.
In Takaka it use to cost me $5 for a 3 week loan from a library outside our region.

joystik, Dec 26, 6:56am
I've got that book Nessy... . . what do you want? ? I could scan the pages and email them to you tomorrow? ?